Maybe you have been depending on your own goodness, on your family connections, or maybe on the fact that you agree with all the Jesus stuff to get you to heaven. If that's the case, you've got Christ in your head, but you don't have Him in your heart.

Have you ever seen something or someone that you think would give you personal happiness or fulfillment? You go for it with everything you have, and then it's gone. You are left to wonder why you're still empty - looking for the next thing to come along.

Drinking From the SourceMaybe you haven't gotten what you've been pursuing, whether it's a relationship, an accomplishment, or a position. You feel you have an incurable restlessness. If you've gotten what you thought would fill the hole in your heart, and the hole is still there, your next stop is despair.

In a sense, our whole life is a search for a key. We are looking for a key that will answer some of life's bottom line questions like "Why am I here? How can I find love that I won't lose and a relationship that I can totally trust?

The Top of Lifes Puzzle BoxLife is often described as being like a puzzle. There are so many pieces - family, friendship, romance, financial, school, work, success, and even failure pieces. You often wonder where you are going in life, who you really are, and what all the pieces of the puzzle mean.

The solution to the puzzle is found on the top of the puzzle box. In this case, the answer is in God's book, the Bible. It's found in Colossians 1:16, "All things were created by Him, and for Him." These are six powerful words, "created by Him, and for Him." These six words can finally pull the pieces of your life together.

Destination BlindnessAre you making a fatal mistake? It’s easy to take care of your business, family, and retirement, and neglect your destination of eternity.

Someday your heart will beat for the last time, and in that unpredictable moment, eternity will begin for you. At that point, your title, income, religion, or your achievements won't matter. All that's going to matter is whether or not you have a personal relationship with God - a relationship that can only be accessed through God's Son, Jesus Christ.

You may have never been through an actual earthquake, but you may have had enough upheavals of your own to realize that things you're sure will always be there may not be.

Do you feel small and insignificant, wishing you were important? Maybe you're just waiting for someone to be interested in you. There is someone today who knows more than your name.

Untouchable WorthYou've probably had plenty of things in your life that have made you feel more like a post card than a masterpiece. Maybe you've been rejected, ignored, hurt, or used. Maybe you've been criticized and put down by people who didn't know who you really are. You have this lie playing in your brain that you're not worth much, you can't do much, and you're not good enough. That's just it - it's a lie.

Super GlueDid you realize that sex is emotional and spiritual super glue? It deeply bonds people to each other whether they are aware of it or not.

You will bond even if you never meant to. It is painful to separate when you have done something that permanently bonds.

They are all black except for a nice white stripe all the way down their back, a big bushy tail, and a cute little almost kitten-like face. There are two problems with skunks: one little spray and nobody will get near you for the next week. Secondly, if they're out in the daytime, it can mean they have rabies. So, what do you do? Do you go pet them because they are so cute or try to scare them off? Only if you're suicidal! The best thing to do is walk quickly in the other direction and you won't have to bury your clothes!

The people who die in a hurricane don't have to do anything to be killed by it. Many of them die from doing nothing and just staying where they are. That's how it is with sin.

It's a sparkling little pond down a short little pathway just off the road. Who wouldn't want to enjoy that sun-sparkling water up close? There is one little problem though. It's a sewage pond.

It looks so inviting, but it is so dirty - and potentially so damaging. It is just like so many of the temptations that beckon us, almost daily, it seems. That's why so many have ended up in the middle of something that looked good but has left them polluted, scarred, and ashamed.

The Myth of Secret SinThere is a dark side of all of us that the idea of "getting away with it" appeals to. There is this instinct in us that seems to say, "What you do when you're alone, when you're away from home, when you're 'off-duty,' or when no one knows you, you can do it and no one will ever know. It doesn't count." What a lie!

Are you looking good, but you're going nowhere? Lots of people are wrong about the one thing you can't afford to be wrong about God, and how to get to Him. If you're wrong about God, it is eternally fatal.

When Your Life is Drifting"Drifting" may be a word that describes a little of how you feel about your life right now. You can be successful, but not satisfied. You can be winning, but still wondering what your life is all about. This drifting feeling affects all kinds of people: young, old, single, married, those who have it all, and those who have very little. It's a sense that life doesn't have any direction and it causes a feeling of emptiness.

Riding in the Car That is Looking BackwardAt an amusement park, you might find a roller coaster that has two lines. Over one line is a sign that says, "Forward," and over the other line a sign that says, "Backward." It's your choice to ride looking forward or looking backward. There are also two lines in life, and two cars you can ride in. One says, "Forward" and the other says, "Backward." You choose. You probably don't want to ride looking back at where you've already been. Instead, you probably want to ride looking ahead to see where you're going.

A lot of us have some emissions coming out of our lives that aren't too pleasant. Too often there is anger spewing out, self-pity because we feel like a victim, or even negative, critical attitudes.

The Life-or-Death VerbHow much do you trust what you believe? When it comes to where you spend the next hundred billion years and if it will be with God, the deciding action word is believe. It is the life-or-death verb.

Don't just believe intellectually, but with everything you have. Believe with a life-long commitment.



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