Bill was used to handling heavy equipment, but he wasn't used to what happened that particular day. He had his trailer hitched to his dump truck and he was driving his backhoe onto the trailer, but there was one small problem. As the weight of Bill and his backhoe pressed on the back of the trailer, the rear wheels of the dump truck were suddenly lifted up into the air - which means no brakes on a downhill slope. He was riding on a backhoe which was riding on a trailer, which was hitched to a truck that was heading straight downhill out-of-control. He had absolutely no control. He lived to tell about it because he threw that backhoe in reverse and backed off as fast as he could. Balance was restored and the truck and trailer jackknifed.

You are either a thermometer or you're a thermostat. Thermometer people tend to reflect the temperature of the people around them. "If you're hot, I'm hot. If you're cool, I'm cool. If you're nice, I'm nice. If you yell, I will yell." What most of us would like to be is a thermostat - someone who controls the temperature in our situation.

Has your controlled life suddenly become out of control? Maybe you were going through life's journey with things looking pretty good, and all of the sudden a major storm has come your way.



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