Learn three secrets to loving what you do from Ron Hutchcraft's message, "How to Love Your Job No Matter What." This free audio download provides new perspective on how your boss, your pay, and your hard work can help you love your job. "How to Love Your Job No Matter What"

Ever feel like you're going in the wrong direction? Want a whole new life? Ron answers five probing questions from the cross to help you understand what that means. He talks about Jesus as the Great Forgiver, the Self-Sacrificer, the Grace Giver, and the Unselfish Sufferer. The final question is "How can I neglect helping people around me get to heaven?" If you would like to know more about how to be an eternity changer download "Five Probing Questions From the Cross."

Today many people are experiencing life's storms. Maybe you are having a storm financially, with a job, in your marriage, or in your family. In the message "Security in Stormy Times" Ron gives the following four rocks that one can stand on during life's hurricanes:

Would you like to live without fear, worry and discouragement? In this audio download titled "The Game Changers," Ron explains how because we have an amazing Lord, we can live amazing lives. In the book of Mark, it confirms the authority of Jesus, and to know the commanding authority of our Savior and His heart of compassion are real "game changers."

Remember the TV show "Mission Impossible"? Well, you might be going through what you feel like is a mission impossible in your life today and you need some encouragement. In this audio download, Ron Hutchcraft gives eight decisive factors for a miraculous result to your personal mission impossible and how to participate in meeting a need for someone else.

God's questions are meant to cut right to the issue - straight to the heart. In "The Disturbing Questions of God," Ron challenges us with a few of those questions that we would be wise to ask ourselves.

The Apostle Paul at times was discouraged when he thought about what God asked him to do, but he said, "We do not lose heart" (2 Corinthians 4:1). Ron Hutchcraft gives four amazing assignments that God gives to believers every day for those who want to live a more fulfilling Christian life.

It's always good to please the people you love, but how do you please Jesus? Ron Hutchcraft shows how Jesus taught His disciples to be prepared for the mission of reaching a dying world. He presents a plan for a group of people to be faithful, fruitful and together. Join His followers in this mission to make a greater difference with the rest of your life.

Many times we're asked to do the right thing during rocky times. Ron gives three ways to know what the right thing is during those times, what the cost could be, and how to leave the consequences in God's hands. There's a lighthouse that will guide you in the most confusing, darkest times, and you can have divine conviction and divine courage during those times.



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