Hutchcraft Ministries is all about "spiritual rescue."

The mission statement of Jesus is "to seek and to save the lost" (Luke 19:10). Hutchcraft Ministries seeks to join Jesus in this mission, by sharing the unchanging Gospel message of Jesus with a world of lost people.

Upon graduating from Moody Bible Institute, Ron and Karen Hutchcraft began their married life with a clear vision for reaching teenagers with the Good News of Jesus. As an intrinsic part of the Youth for Christ movement, Ron Hutchcraft was both a pioneer and leader in cross-cultural ministry.

By 1991, Ron Hutchcraft was in high demand as a speaker, radio host and author. "Ron Hutchcraft Ministries" (RHM) was established to accelerate the national and international influence of its founder.

Today, Hutchcraft Ministries remains all about "Communicating Christ to the Lost in their Language" - and their ministry team is passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus with today's generation. They seek to reach lost people where they are, and in ways they will understand.

The ministry team of creative writers and producers make art that will change lives. Through short films, printed material, websites and social media, Hutchcraft Ministries seeks to address felt needs that will lead people to the cross of Jesus Christ.

Broadcasting the Gospel through radio is a strategic tool for spiritual rescue. Today, the flagship program, "A Word With You," presents the Gospel around the globe in the world's top six most-spoken languages.

Finally, On Eagles' Wings® is the Native American outreach of Hutchcraft Ministries. On Eagles' Wings® is a leading youth ministry to the Indigenous young people of the United States and Canada. Since 1992, On Eagles' Wings® has trained and equipped Native American young people to reach their people for Jesus. Through the annual Warrior Leadership Summit discipleship conference, and the Summer of Hope reservation tour, thousands of Native lives have been impacted for Christ.

Financial Accountability

Hutchcraft Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has been a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) since 1994, upholding all of their standards on financial accountability. Read more financial information here.

Track Record

Consistent with the Hutchcraft Ministries Vision, the Gospel is presented personally, on the radio, and through the Internet in a way that helps lost people connect the need they have with the relationship they are missing - knowing Jesus.

Staff Leadership:

Ron Hutchcraft

Ron HutchcraftRon Hutchcraft is an impassioned contemporary evangelist, speaker, author and radio host. As Chairman of Hutchcraft Ministries, Ron and his team specialize in developing authentic, relevant and creative tools to, as Ron says, "Bring the lost to the Cross." Ron is committed to communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in their language and to motivating and equipping believers to communicate Christ to the lost in their world.

He has hosted two international youth radio broadcasts and has authored many books. His most recent book came out in 2021 - Hope When Your Heart is Breaking: Finding God's Presence in Your Pain (Harvest House).

Since the late 1960s, Ron has been a part of people's lives through radio. Currently, the popular radio program "A Word With You" is heard on over 1,000 outlets across the country and broadcast internationally in the six most-spoken languages in the world.

Ron, with his late wife Karen, is the co-founder of On Eagles' Wings®, an outreach and leadership development program for Native American, First Nations and Alaskan Native young people. He has traveled with and helped shepherd Native-led On Eagles' Wings® teams that have brought hope to over 100 Native communities. He is also the co-founder of the Warrior Leadership Summit conference, which annually brings together young people from almost 100 indigenous nations. In addition, the On Eagles' Wings® Warrior Scholarship Fund has helped many Native young people attend college or Bible school to train for spiritual leadership among their people. Plus, since 2022, through the brand new On Eagles’ Wings Leadership Center, a unique life-equipping nine-month gap-year program is now offered for Native American young people.

Ron has been a popular speaker for major events and conferences in North America, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia and has spent his entire life working cross-culturally with young people. At Billy Graham Schools of Evangelism and other conferences, Ron has trained tens of thousands of Christian leaders how to be spiritual rescuers in our rapidly-changing culture.

Ron is looked to as a "Spiritual Rescue Coach." Ron comes alongside Christian ministries, organizations and leaders, and provides both the "want to" and the "how to" for using their influence for maximum evangelistic impact. "Movements of rescue" have been and continue to be developed through Christian business leaders, Christian Radio broadcasters, church leaders, everyday believers, and more.

Rev. Hutchcraft served as the Chairman of the 1991 Northern New Jersey Billy Graham Crusade, and frequently spoke at Billy Graham Evangelistic Association pre-Crusade youth events and Schools of Evangelism. He continues to speak regularly at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove. Ron was honored as Moody Bible Institute's Alumnus of the Year for 1997. Ron has worked alongside his late wife and life-long ministry partner, Karen. They have three children who have served with them in ministry, and nine grandchildren.


Doug Hutchcraft

Doug HutchcraftDoug Hutchcraft is a seasoned organizational builder and veteran ministry leader, including launching a radio station sharing the hope of Jesus with Native American listeners. Since beginning with Hutchcraft Ministries in 2005, Doug has thrived in numerous leadership roles within the organization, including Chief Creative Officer, Executive Director, and more recently Executive Vice-President.

Born and bred in New Jersey, Doug spent eleven years building a youth ministry on a Southwest Reservation in Arizona with his wife, Anna, and helped launch On Eagles' Wings®. Doug moved to the Ozarks in 2010 to serve at the Hutchcraft Ministries headquarters. Since then Doug has built the Creative Department, which exists to creatively share Hope Stories and the Gospel through film and other media forms. He currently serves as the President of Hutchcraft Ministries.

Doug helps teach at the annual Warrior Leadership Summit, at the new On Eagles’ Wings Leadership Center, at churches, and other events. He also records Gospel spots for online and for radio stations to present the Gospel at Christmas. For several years, Doug has annually spearheaded creating "Warrior Worship" - worship music by and for indigenous young people on reservations and reserves, and for Warrior Leadership Summit. Doug also co-hosts the podcast "Go M.A.D. with Doug and Brad," with his brother, Brad. They love encouraging others to "Go Make A Difference" for Jesus! Doug and Brad are each ordained ministers and gifted communicators, whether face-to face, on radio, on video, or in print.

Doug enjoys sharing the hope of Jesus, and treasures time with his wife and three children.


Brad Hutchcraft

Brad served on a Southwest Reservation in Arizona for 14 years before relocating to serve as the Director of On Eagles' Wings® in 2010. Brad works year-round to make the Summer of Hope and Warrior Leadership Summit a reality for Native American, First Nations and Alaskan Native young people. Brad, his wife Sara, and their three children leave for weeks at a time to ensure that Native Ministry leaders have the support and resources they need to continue their ministry.

Brad has strategic roles shepherding the fast-growing On Eagles' Wings program, along with overall operations of the ministry. He currently serves as the Executive Vice-President of Hutchcraft Ministries.

Brad is burdened to share the Gospel with a world that needs hope.


Rick Whitmer

Rick WhitmerRick has served as the Senior Director of Mobilization and Field Ministry Director during his time with Hutchcraft Ministries. Rick's leadership roles have been numerous over his 30 years with Hutchcraft Ministries: shaping organizational methods and ministries, establishing partnerships, and directing the broadcast and development teams.

Rick and his wife, Lisa, have taught at the new On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center, and he has also spoken and led music in various churches over the years.

Rick and Lisa have worked together for over 30 years in full-time ministry, compelled to bring the Hope of Jesus to a world that needs Him. They enjoy time together with their three young adult children, exploring and traveling, and meeting new people.

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