Dear friend, thank you for caring about a generation of young people!

If your heart aches for millions of teenagers who need Jesus, we would like to offer to you the free downloadable PDF, "12 Sentences That Define A Generation." This will help you understand today’s young people, so we can better reach them for Jesus!

Together, we can win this battle for a generation!

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    Introducing a new e-book by Ron Hutchcraft: "Authentic Relationships for Women."

    Relationships - this is where we have our highest hopes and where we experience our greatest fears as well as our greatest pain. There has never been more confusion than there is today in the area of what love means and what relationships are all about.

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      Do you feel pressed on, pulled on, pushed on, compressed, or twisted? That's what stress does to us. It twists our personality and our judgment. We don't always make the best judgment calls when we're stressed and weary.

      In "Peaceful Living in a Stressful World" by Ron Hutchcraft, you'll find a two-part strategy for replacing stress with peace. If you are going through a violent storm right now that maybe few people know about, your storm can begin to be calm today. Reach for peace!

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        How to Have Relationships Without Regrets and Success Without Scars

        The word "single" means so many different things these days. Some people are single, some are single again, and some are single parents. Some are a blend of those. The relationship zone of our life is where we place our greatest hopes, it's where we have our greatest fears, it's where we've had our greatest pain, and it's where we've made our greatest mistakes.

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          "Your Personal Titanic," by Ron Hutchcraft, is a free downloadable PDF. This short, printable booklet shares a powerful parable from the sinking of the famous Titanic ship. In these short few pages, you will discover:

          • Why so many believers today are like the survivors of the Titanic.
          • How to see the "dyingness" of the people around you.
          • The shocking words the Bible uses to describe a lost person you care about.
          • The most important Title you will ever have!
            ...and more!
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              Do you have a heart for kids? Jesus does! Think about some of the children that you drive by or are around all the time -- those in your neighborhood, at the schools, playing out in the street, or in the park. The Father in heaven is not willing that any of those little ones should be lost -- and He wants you to be a part of His rescue plan!

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                Extreme Manhood coverWhen we see Superman on TV and in the movies, he has it all together. The fact is, we're raised to be like Superman. We think we've got it under control, we can handle it, and we're in charge. The secret is, there's a lot of bleeding going on inside. There's a lot of us that are hurting and there's a lot of stuff for which we don't have answers.

                What is it that really makes you a man? Our culture has a lot of ideas. Now, all of a sudden, relationships are more confusing and the expectations of men are more confusing than they've ever been.

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                  Sacrificing Sex at Its Best for Sex Too Soon

                  In simple terms - it is worth the wait to have sex at its best.

                  We cannot look to our culture to give us our cues when it comes to sex. The starting point to sex at its best is this sim­ple, maybe surprising, fact: God invented sex, and the Inventor knows best.

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                    When a new year begins, many people take time to reflect on the past, and resolve that they want to do things differently. This is a season when people are more focused on personal change than any other time of the year. Unfortunately, things often go wrong in this process for change.

                    "The New You," by author and radio host Ron Hutchcraft is a mini e-book with practical ideas for improvement in your life. No matter what your goals are for change, Ron has powerful insights for developing a "new you."

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                      Designer Marriage coverWant to know how to have a great marriage? In "Designer Marriage: How to Build a Love That Will Last a Lifetime," Ron gives some practical insights for how to build six walls to guard your marriage and your children, according to the Inventor of marriage. Check out why it's important to ask "the second question," why unconditional love and respect are so important, how to bridge a spiritual Grand Canyon, and why the relationship of a husband and wife is one of the most beautiful gifts God gives to human beings.

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                        Valentine's Day is a great romantic "high." But what happens after the chocolates are eaten? When the flowers die? And the cards go into storage?

                        How do you create a "love relationship" that will go the distance? Where true love isn't celebrated one day a year, but every day?

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                            When you belong to Jesus Christ, you start to do "eternity thinking" about the people you love. You begin to wonder, "Will they be in heaven with me?" Yet the people we want most in heaven with us are often the hardest to talk to about Christ. While that difficulty is real and will probably always be there, there are steps we can take to more effectively communicate Christ to those closest to us.

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                              By Ron Hutchcraft

                              All of us are feeling the sense of uncertainty, insecurity, and even fear that's in the air. We can sense it as we watch the news and read the paper, but nobody is smart enough to figure it out. The question on everyone's mind is, "What is going on here?" Ron Hutchcraft provides three insightful perspectives to help make sense of this crazy, roller-coaster world!

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                                How does God want us to respond when tragedies and natural disasters happen? How should we pray?

                                Ron Hutchcraft has a thoughtful resource called "Seven Ways to Pray in Times Like These." This prayer guide can be shared with your family, friends, Sunday School class or church.

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                                  Thanks Living cover
                                  There is a destiny about your life. There is something much bigger going on than the events you see.

                                  As you head into the Thanksgiving season, "Thanks-Living" by Ron Hutchcraft will help you discover how to have a thankful heart and how to look for the needs of others around you. Discover today how you can make a difference by "Thanks-Living"!

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                                    Guarding Your Heart
                                    Your heart is the wellspring of life; it is the source of everything you'll ever say and do - every affection, every action, every attitude.

                                    Join Doug Hutchcraft as he discusses how we need to examine our hearts and to get rid of anything that is polluting it on this free e-book, "Guarding Your Heart."

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                                      Broken at ChristmasDo you have tensions with members of your family? What about close friends? Are there relationships in your life that are strained? Frayed? Maybe even broken? It stinks to have something broken at Christmastime. Especially if it's a relationship that's broken. In his free downloadable e-book, "Broken at Christmas," Ron Hutchcraft provides practical insights and a plan for healing. Ron says, "There's no better time than Christmas to reach out to reconcile a broken relationship."

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                                        We hear the word "Gospel" all the time - Gospel music, Gospel missions, Prosperity Gospel, and more. But for all our familiarity with the "Gospel," it's surprising how much confusion there is about what that message really is. And because eternities depend on it, it's desperately important that we get it right.

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