We hear the word "Gospel" all the time - Gospel music, Gospel missions, Prosperity Gospel, and more. But for all our familiarity with the "Gospel," it's surprising how much confusion there is about what that message really is. And because eternities depend on it, it's desperately important that we get it right.

In his new e-book "Bringing Back the Gospel: Uncut, Unencumbered, Uncompromised," Ron Hutchcraft answers the following questions:

  1. What is the Gospel?
  2. Why is it so important to get "The Gospel" right?
  3. What are the ways we add to, subtract, miss, or distort the Gospel?
  4. Why is this message so significant for every believer?

"We have in this Gospel from God the information on which eternities depend. We cannot and must not fail to deliver it. Uncut, Unencumbered, Uncompromised."

Bringing Back the Gospel is a free downloadable PDF for you to forward or print and to share with your family, church and other believers you know.



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