How to Have Relationships Without Regrets and Success Without Scars

The word "single" means so many different things these days. Some people are single, some are single again, and some are single parents. Some are a blend of those. The relationship zone of our life is where we place our greatest hopes, it's where we have our greatest fears, it's where we've had our greatest pain, and it's where we've made our greatest mistakes.

Our society today has created some ideas about love, success, and significance that sound good, and the majority of people are buying them. One generation after another has tried to follow these lies, and so many people end up with disappointment and despair.

The goal of this e-book, "Single and Satisfied," is to expose the lies that too many singles buy. With each one, we're going to discuss the truth about love, success, and significance. Discover today how to have relationships without regrets and success without scars.



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