The On Eagles’ Wings® Leadership Center


Located on the 75-acre campus of Hutchcraft Ministries.

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To disciple and equip committed Native leaders to be lifetime Jesus-followers, prepared with the skills and strategies needed to be messengers of hope to Indigenous and worldwide communities.



To see a Jesus-Generation rise up in Native North America, led by fully equipped Indigenous leaders, transforming Native communities through the power of Christ’s Gospel and their Christlike lives.



It’s a strategy that is 2,000 years old – the strategy of Jesus that transformed twelve ordinary men into world-changers. To provide extended discipleship and leadership development at the On Eagles’ Wings Leadership Center, a unique facility of its kind devoted to Indigenous leaders and Indigenous ministry.

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This facility is designed to be the place where the following transformative ministry could take place:

  • Provide young Native leaders with intensive discipleship.
  • Equip them with practical life training.
  • Provide an environment and ministry that will bring true healing from the hurt of the past.
  • Equip for effective Native ministry.
  • Assist in placement for a lifetime in ministry. 

Length: 9-month program


These are the target outcomes for each student at the Leadership Center.

Establish a daily, non-negotiable Jesus-time with real-life application and learning to daily follow and obey God.

Learn how to study, interpret and apply the Word of God accurately. Establish connection to a Christian community that provides prayer, support and accountability.

Learn to process grief, loss, tragedy and failure in a healthy and non-destructive way.

Understand spiritual weak spots and develop a plan to confront and defend those areas against spiritual attack.

Be equipped to effectively present the Gospel in an Indigenous context.

Learn how to disciple young believers into living as lifetime Jesus-followers. 

Learn to manage personal and ministry finances responsibly.

Understand and pursue the Biblical model of marriage and family.

Understand how to build and lead a ministry team.

Understand the non-negotiable principles of Biblical ministry, as opposed to ever-adaptable methodologies.

Learn to communicate their heart and God’s heart publicly and personally.

Discover what Biblical success and Biblical failure are – and how to handle them.

Develop a long-haul perspective in ministry – knowing the difference between a "chapter" in someone’s life and the "book."

Learn to recognize and avoid cultural landmines. Discover their spiritual gift(s) and how to use it.



curriculumOur discipleship paradigm

Five Growth Targets

  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Life Skills
  3. Personal Growth and Healing
  4. Ministry Training
  5. Interdisciplinary Studies

Training Strategy

Interactive classroom instruction

4-6 weeks of hands-on reservation ministry “internship,” followed by debriefing at The Leadership Center
Real-world work experience with local businesses – “tentmaking” practice
Personal counseling

Gap Year Program Schedule

July / August: Participate in Warrior Leadership Summit and On Eagles’ Wings Summer of Hope

September to November: Fall Term at Leadership Center

Post-Christmas: Return to campus for Winter Break Retreat, and begin Winter Term

January – February: Winter Term

March: Field internship with one of our reservation-based ministry partners

April: Return to campus for final equipping, future planning, and final debriefing



Brad Hutchcraft
Director of On Eagles' Wings

Our hearts are filled with anticipation as we think of strengthening these young warriors, and helping them learn more of God's big plan for their lives.  We have seen the incredible changes that happen in just the few weeks we spend with them every summer, and having more time with them will help grow their roots deeper in their walk with Jesus.


Nick (Jicarilla Apache) and Lani (Hopi/Seneca) Liew
OEW Coordinators

We’re excited about the Leadership Center because there’s such a need for it. Over the years, we’ve seen the On Eagles Wings team grow and progress to a whole new level. This center will help us further the growth in leadership that occurs when you get to do life together!



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