Broken at ChristmasDo you have tensions with members of your family? What about close friends? Are there relationships in your life that are strained? Frayed? Maybe even broken? It stinks to have something broken at Christmastime. Especially if it's a relationship that's broken. In his free downloadable e-book, "Broken at Christmas," Ron Hutchcraft provides practical insights and a plan for healing. Ron says, "There's no better time than Christmas to reach out to reconcile a broken relationship."

We hear the word "Gospel" all the time - Gospel music, Gospel missions, Prosperity Gospel, and more. But for all our familiarity with the "Gospel," it's surprising how much confusion there is about what that message really is. And because eternities depend on it, it's desperately important that we get it right.

By Ron Hutchcraft

Winning the Battle for Native America CoverThe orders that Jesus gave over 2,000 years ago remain the same. He said that the Gospel must be preached to all nations. While we go around the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to so many who need to hear it, we have gone right past the original people of this continent where there are so few disciples among those nations. We need to help change that. It will take a team of people, Native and non-Native, from all backgrounds who will decide to play together for this greater cause and win this thing together.

This generation of Native young people bears the grief, the despair, and the brokenness that results in:

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