It can be hard for you to leave home for a long period of time, both hard on you and your family. Though you might have a nice meal together beforehand and then some special hugs and kisses at the airport, you still have to leave. It can be really tough, especially if you have children who are obviously hurting. You might manage to hold yourself together in their presence, but once you leave the tears may come. There is one thing that can make it okay: the parting is only temporary. You can be reunited.

The Difference Between Life and DeathA man facing a seemingly deadly situation, had a series of amazing interventions and the arrival of a rescuer just in the nick of time who was his only hope. Maybe that's not just a story from the news, but it's your story. If it's not your story, it could be. It's the story of millions whose only hope was a rescue...a spiritual rescue.

No matter how big you expect the Grand Canyon to be, it's bigger. It is an awesome, divine masterpiece. One big problem is that some people have this irresistible urge to venture out as far as possible on the rocks that overlook the canyon. Of course, one false step, and it's all over - actually, you're all over. In one case, two young men went to an overlook and one never came back. He ended up dead at the bottom of the canyon. It was all because he got too close to the edge.



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