People are trying to get into heaven and are expecting to be there someday, but many will be turned away. They will hear the words, "I don't know you." They'll end up weeping as they are thrown out.

Reaching Through the FlamesKevin Shea was one of the New York firefighters who got a call to the World Trade Center - those famous twin towers in lower Manhattan. A bomb blast had ripped through the basement of the World Trade Center, killing six people.

Margaret had just been to a family gathering in the Midwest, and she saw many loved ones there, including her deputy sheriff nephew. As she started heading home, her foot got, shall we say, a little heavy - or at least that's what the officer who pulled her over seemed to think. As he turned to go back to his car with her license and registration in hand, Margaret said, "Do you know Deputy _________?" and she mentioned her nephew's name. After a few minutes of record checking and paperwork in his squad car, the officer returned to Margaret's car. "I'm just going to give you a warning," he said, followed by, "I checked with your nephew."



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