Hope is hard to come by during the "winter" seasons of your life, like the loss of someone you love. Sometimes someone close to you dies suddenly, and the grief is almost unbearable. You are overwhelmed.

Narnia was a mythical land, created by C. S. Lewis, where the animals talk and where four children experience a series of incredible adventures. The seven-part series, "The Chronicles of Narnia," has long fascinated children and adults alike. Then came Disney's movie version of the first Narnia story, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," and it was a blockbuster hit.

One Unloseable HopeA train began its journey headed for a popular resort area along the Indian Ocean. The train never made it. It was suddenly hit by a massive wall of water - the killer tsunami that devastated so much of South Asia in December of 2004. The force of the waves tore the wheels off of some cars and leveled the train in a grove of palm trees. In one of those countless heart-wrenching scenes that came out of the tsunami aftermath, one young man at the train site wept in the arms of his friends as the body of his girlfriend was buried. He spoke out to this sweetheart who had died on that train: "Is this the fate we hoped for?" Then, as he began to sob even more, he said, "My darling, you were the only hope for me."



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