When you're the parent of a little child, you know that one of your great challenges could be getting that little one to sleep at night. When you are the little child, you know why it's hard to get to sleep at night. First, there's that prayer. You know, the one where your Mommy has you pray, "Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep." OK, so far, so good. Then, "If I should die before I wake..." OK, that's it! I am not going to sleep! Who in the world put that line in that prayer? Then there's another reason little kids have a hard time getting to sleep - the monsters, you know the ones in the closet. See, parents never really seem to get it. All kids know that once all the lights go out, there might be a really scary monster waiting in the closet. So, you lie there with your eyes wide open, afraid of what that monster might do if you fall asleep.

The Shadow That Scares UsHave you ever seen a large shadow of something that looks kind of scary? Sometimes you can't figure out what's creating the shadow, but all you can see is a massive shadow on the wall or ground around you. You might feel like running for help even though there's not an actual reason to run. When you see what is casting those huge shadows, the reality behind the shadow isn't very scary at all.

At some time in our lives we're all scared of something whether it's the dark or something we fear is close. It may be that kind of time in your life right now.



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