Nice Ways to Miss GodIf you can see a musician in person or if you have a chance to meet that person, why would you just settle for something they've made like a recording? Sadly, many people in their search for spiritual answers have made a tragic mistake like that. They've gotten all involved with something God made or a religion that represents Him, but they have missed meeting Him in person!

If you work in an office, chances are they make sure they can have access to the company computer that you use. Your personal computer and your company's computer are probably protected from any funny business by something called a password. Even if someone would like to know what it is, they can't. It's a secret.

Maybe you have been depending on your own goodness, on your family connections, or maybe on the fact that you agree with all the Jesus stuff to get you to heaven. If that's the case, you've got Christ in your head, but you don't have Him in your heart.



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