The Top of Lifes Puzzle BoxLife is often described as being like a puzzle. There are so many pieces - family, friendship, romance, financial, school, work, success, and even failure pieces. You often wonder where you are going in life, who you really are, and what all the pieces of the puzzle mean.

The solution to the puzzle is found on the top of the puzzle box. In this case, the answer is in God's book, the Bible. It's found in Colossians 1:16, "All things were created by Him, and for Him." These are six powerful words, "created by Him, and for Him." These six words can finally pull the pieces of your life together.

You can begin to put the pieces together when you put your name in that verse. You were created by Jesus and for Jesus. Your life isn't going to make sense until you belong to Him. There's going to be an incurable hole in your heart, because He's the One to fill that spot. No earth person, thing, or achievement is big enough to fill it.

You may have some great pieces in your life, but your life is still a pile of disconnected, often meaningless pieces in front of you awaiting a look at the whole picture they're supposed to fit into. Our Creator knows that whole picture. His One and only Son, Jesus, is the piece you have been searching for.

Why does life seem so disconnected and confusing? You're created to live for Him, and you've chosen to live for yourself instead. You have run your life when your Creator was supposed to be in control. According to the Bible, your sins have separated you from your God. The only One who knows why you're here and the only One who's got the love you've looked for your whole life is on the other side of a wall. That wall is your sin.

No wonder it's not adding up. We're stuck with the pieces and we're cut off from the whole picture. The same passage that tells us we were created by and for Him also tells us where the hope is for it finally coming together. It says He forgave us all our sins and nailed them to the cross. It was our sin and death penalty that kept us from our Creator. It was our sin that God sent His son to die for on that cross. The pieces of your life finally start to fit together when you come to the cross.

The top of life's puzzle box is within your reach and the pieces can finally come together. You are very, very close to finding the reason you were born and the One who can put the pieces together.



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