We all have emotional baggage. In fact, maybe you're carrying a lot right now.

Maybe you have some crippling issues from your past. Maybe you recently received some bad news or are overloaded with stress. It could be that you’re carrying baggage from a divorce - your own or maybe your parents. Maybe there is some sort of abuse from a bad relationship. Some people are trying to carry the weight of a serious medical condition, a financial crisis, or maybe even a family issue. Today you might have some very heavy baggage.

The Word of God from Matthew 11:28 is a wonderful invitation from Jesus Christ. It says, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." That invitation is also echoed in 1 Peter 5:7 by saying "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." One day in a doctor's office, John heard one of the words we dread - cancer. He was told he had a deadly cancer and was supposed to have been gone three or four times already. He had ten operations in eight years. When you talk to John, you just can't believe what he's gone through and is going through. He is joyful and positive. He's interested in how you are doing. It's hard to believe he could be carrying such heavy weight, yet seem so light. John's doctor has heard how John has been such a blessing and encouragement to other patients. He called him in one day and said, "John can you visit some of my other patients? They need what you have."

John has something that other patients are missing, because others are falling under the weight of cancer and they're trying to handle it without a Savior. That's the difference for John - the Jesus difference. Jesus could be the difference for you. Look at the baggage you're carrying. Are you trying to handle your baggage without a Savior?

You were never meant to carry the pain and burden alone. Jesus says, "Come to me." He knows your pain and He understands it because He's been there. He's experienced everything from loneliness, to betrayal, to torture, to dying. Jesus has dealt with the deadliest baggage we carry, the sin of our lives that could one day keep us out of heaven.

The Bible says Jesus carried our sins in His own body on the cross. The day you tell Him that you trust Him to be your Savior from your own sin is the last day you will ever carry your burden alone.

The strong arms of Jesus are reaching out to you today because He wants to help you with your baggage. He can handle it. He already bore all the weight of your sins upon His cross. The rest is easy. Jesus promises "to give you rest." If your soul is tired today, let Jesus give you what only He can - rest and peace at last.



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