Weddings can be expensive, even if you do all kinds of resourceful things to keep the costs down. Couples can enjoy watching the video of their wedding once in a while, but they won't have to redo the wedding. Can you imagine if a husband or wife kept saying every few months, "I think we need to have another wedding. I want to make sure we're married." They don't need to do that because they are already married.

Hopefully, after someone makes a life commitment to their spouse and they are asked if they are married, they wouldn't answer, "Well, I hope so; I think I'm married. We probably got married to each other somewhere along the way!" You'd probably say, "If you don't know you made a commitment, you didn't!" You'd be right! It's the same way when it comes to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A great eternal life insurance policy is found in the Word of God, but it's also a life-or-death alert. Jesus says in John 5:24, "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life." This is an incredible statement about settling your eternity once and for all. Whoever believes will not be condemned. There will be no fear of God's judgment for your sins, no fear of hell when you die, and you will never be condemned!

Notice the finality when it says, "He has crossed from death to life." It's like the day someone makes a lifetime commitment to the love of their life. They will go from being single to married. There has either been a time when that change took place or not. It's the same way with knowing Christ. It's all based on whether or not there's been a time when you put all your trust in Jesus Christ to have your sins erased from God's Book and your judgment cancelled because He paid the death penalty for your sin on the cross.

After a meeting where many young people made a public commitment of their lives to Jesus, one young man said, "I've done this before. I've done it lots of times." That's like a couple having continual weddings to make sure they have a married relationship. The good news is, if you've told Jesus you're turning from your sin and pinning all your hopes on Him, you have a personal relationship with Him. You can quit trying to get it! It's settled! Satan would love to have you spend the rest of your life wondering whether or not you belong to Jesus so you'll never get on with really living for Him. If you know you've made that lifetime commitment to Him, then let that relationship grow.

Maybe you're realizing there's never been a definite beginning with Jesus in your life. You may or may not remember a specific time, but you know if there has been a time when you've said, "Jesus, I'm yours." You may have been around Jesus all your life, you've learned a lot of information about Him, you feel good about Him, and maybe you even do things for Him, and yet you still may have missed having a personal moment at His cross, trusting yourself to the One who is dying there for you. That's equivalent to dating someone, getting to know all about them, getting engaged to them, but somehow never having a wedding day.

If there's never been a clear, definite beginning to your relationship with Jesus, why don't you make it this day? Literally in these next few minutes you could cross over from death to life and know you did. The issue here is literally life-or-death eternally! God may have given you this one more opportunity to move from death to life. Today may be your last opportunity. Don't miss it!



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