Boom. Suddenly all the lights went out in the conference center where we were staying. Just as we were all making our way out of our rooms and down the long hallway to breakfast.

The hallway was longer than usual that morning. Totally dark. Turns out the entire region had experienced a power failure. Because a squirrel got into a relay station and gnawed through a cable. Fried squirrel. Lights out.

Memorial Day's different when you're a veteran or a loved one of someone who died for America's freedom.

Every day is Memorial Day. Because freedom's price has a name, a face, an empty chair at the table.

This Memorial Day I've heard some veterans, some families asking a haunting question. It's embodied in a recent statement from one combat veteran, former Navy Seal, and current TV commentator. He said:

The big boat's making big waves again.

Noah's Ark rides again. And this time Hollywood's hoping it will bring in a flood. Of money. As a blockbuster movie.

Word is that this telling of the iconic story starts with the Bible account. And adds a heavy dose of Hollywood imagination. With great special effects. Probably no match, though, for the original.

With Noah showing up in ads on TV all the time, it's made me go back to the non-fiction, original narrative. Bible-style.


I've got a lot of friends in law enforcement. They don't usually show a lot of emotion. But the Cleveland police chief said today: "Yes, law enforcement people do cry."

I think some of them did. When three women, missing for a decade, were suddenly found alive. They'd been imprisoned in a nondescript house by a man who kidnapped them years ago. And living horrors we may never fully know.



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