It's important for fathers and sons to do things together - like when my son helped me with the yard work so we could bond. I remember one day when my oldest son was about five. It was a hot day. I was mowing and my son was following around after me clipping. I looked over to him and I smiled. About five minutes later he came over and yelled over the mower, "Daddy, could you please do that again?" I said, "Could I do what again, son?" He said, "Daddy, could you smile at me again? Your smile keeps me going."

Valentine's Day. The season when all of us think about the love we found...or the love we lost...or the love we're looking for.

And, man, are people looking. There are over 5,000 dating websites! Including, OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. Along with SeniorPeopleMeet and Farmers Only. And

Russia Invades Ukraine

I watched the news today and got a little of that déjà vu thing.

Russian troops moving to take over part of another country.

This morning the world is racing to respond to a crisis in the Crimean portion of Ukraine. Before it turns violent or spreads. As I write this, the stock market is dropping because, as one investor said, "money doesn't like war."

turkey dinner

Okay, it probably sounds a little cheesy, but you just had to be there.

My wife gave each member of our family a colorful piece of paper on Thanksgiving Day.  On it, an acrostic of the word Thanksgiving, with the letters down the side.

Our “before we can eat” assignment (a powerful motivator) was to list by each letter an “I’m thankful for” that started with that letter.  Then we talked about them.  Not for real long.  We could smell the turkey.


Okay, I'm admitting it. I wore my Superman t-shirt to sleep in last night. That's about as close to being Superman as I'll get.

I sometimes have trouble opening a jar. I doubt I could bend steel in my bare hands. As far as leaping tall buildings in a single bound - I have trouble getting up off the floor.

But with the new "Man of Steel" movie rocking the box office, Superman is popping up - or landing - all over the place.

Lance Armstrong

Spiders build webs that a lot of bugs get stuck in. But because they know where the sticky spots are, spiders don't get trapped in the web they weave.

Humans do.

I saw it when I watched Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong. "One big lie" - that's how he described what's happened in his record-breaking sports career. It was all built on brilliantly concealed "doping" and a cascading series of cover-up lies. Lots of folks got caught in the web - from bicycle racing officials to teammates to a world of admirers.



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