By Doug Hutchcraft

Eighteen years ago, several medical professionals advised my wife and me to terminate the little boy that Anna was carrying. This was suggested to us as early as Anna's first ultrasound, and by other medical professionals along the way.

Imaging and other tests showed that his heart was failing, his brain was hemorrhaging, and he was missing part of a chromosome. We were told that to "go to term" with him was to ask for a life of unending hardship for him and heartbreak for us. He would probably not even make it out of the birth canal alive. If he did, we could expect severe physical handicaps and a life of him being fed through tubes. And because of how they would have to deliver him, Anna was also at risk.

Two words. But a valuable reminder just in time for Mother's Day.

Recently, I had occasion to stay at my son and daughter-in-law's house while I recovered from a painful injury.

They set me up with a wonderful little "apartment" in their basement - recliner, remotes (of course), kitchenette. And like all the babies in our family, a night monitor.

Tough news at the beginning of the Christmas season. The "lovely lady" mom of the Brady Bunch died on Thanksgiving.

Florence Henderson played lots of roles on Broadway and TV. But she'll always be remembered as Carol Brady - mother to the six kids of that iconic sitcom family, the Brady Bunch.

I enjoy reading my newspaper. My kids enjoyed crashing through my newspaper to sit on my lap. Of course, nowadays, it's getting harder to bother your father while he's checking out the news. You'd have to jump on his iPhone.

Anyway, I could relate when I heard about this little guy who kept interrupting his dad while he was reading his voluminous Sunday paper. For a while, Dad was able to buy a little time by saying "pretty soon, Son." But eventually, Son wasn't buying it.

mom and son

The florists are in their recliners, recovering from their busiest day of the year. Hallmark is counting all their Mother's Day card money. And the phone companies are pretty happy, too. It's the busiest calling day of the year.

Mother's Day is over for another year. But not their marks on our life.

Waiting for Survivors

It was awful. That Korean ferry rolling into the sea. Then disappearing beneath the waves. Filled with trapped passengers - many of them teenagers.

It's heartbreaking to see all those loved ones on the dock, grieving inconsolably. Over their children who will never come home again.

thoughtful girl

by Guest Blogger Doug Hutchcraft

Another day, another news story that ends tragically for a bullied young person.

This time, her name was Carolina Picchio. An attractive, outgoing 14-year-old Italian girl that made the mistake of posting a video of herself on Facebook where she was drunk. Her ex-boyfriend and “friends” used social media to ridicule, demean, and bully her. Soon after, Carolina took her own life…but not before crying for help multiple times on her Facebook page.

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