As I watched heartbreaking scenes from last week's terror attacks in Paris, my mind flashed back some 22 years.

The morning after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, I flew from New York to speak in another city. To my surprise, we were greeted by a TV crew, asking, "How are New Yorkers feeling after this attack?" They came to me first.

I've been in three hurricanes. But always on land. I can't imagine what it would be like to face it on the water.

The crew of the container ship El Faro were on pace to be well ahead of Hurricane Joaquin last week. Until they suddenly found themselves with no propulsion system.


For some reason the headline sounds so ominous. "First Ebola death in America."

I don't think most of us thought it would ever come close. But it has. Ebola is out there, and the world is on edge.


I should have saved my DVRs of the Winter Olympics. I liked the news from Russia a lot better back then.  As soon as the fireworks in Sochi ended, the fireworks in Ukraine began. And suddenly part of Ukraine is part of Russia. Hello?

And with Russia flexing its expansionist muscles, I'm hearing those two words again. Words we thought we buried in the '80s.

Cold War.

Philip Hoffman

It was a dark cloud over Super Bowl Sunday. News that rocked Hollywood and Broadway. And countless everyday folks who won't forget the compelling characters he created on the screen.

Academy Award-winning actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, found dead in his apartment of an alleged drug overdose. He was only 46.

Social media were filled with the grieving reactions of so many stars. Words like "devastated" and "heartbroken" showed up over and over.


Folks keep burying Tim Tebow. But he keeps coming back.

Six weeks ago, the likeable but controversial quarterback was summarily cut by the New York Jets. And no other NFL team signed him. Game over.

Bingo. Suddenly he's been signed by the New England Patriots. He still has to earn a spot, but at least for now, the Comeback Kid has come back again.

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