The On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center had its first-ever commencement ceremony. May 13, 2023, was a special day to honor the first class of graduating students from the On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center.

It was literally centuries ago. The light of the Gospel was lit in the hearts of the people here. That was then, this is now. The light has burned very low.

They were some of the first Indigenous people on this continent to hear about Jesus. Now many see anything Christian as an enemy.

Battlefield and Breakthrough

"You will never get this reservation out of your heart."

Ron told the team that in our first briefing. There's something about this reservation. Maybe it is, as one of this summer's OEW team said about her people here, "the spiritual bondage" that is "so dark."

It's hard to describe what a "yes" to Jesus means on this reservation. As local Native believers explain, following Native religion here isn't just what you believe - it's who you are. And you are raised to reject Jesus or else, in essence, lose who you are. The walls of this stronghold extend very high. It is that wall the warriors of On Eagles' Wings 2022 had to surpass in order for their Message of Jesus' Hope to break through.

Hundreds of Native American young people have experienced life-change at Warrior Leadership Summit (WLS). 

God has been moving powerfully at the annual WLS Native youth evangelism and discipleship conference hosted by Hutchcraft Ministries.

We are so excited about the progress on the construction for the On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center.

The On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center is a place where Native young men and women will be discipled and equipped to be lifetime Jesus-followers. They will be prepared with the skills and strategies needed to be messengers of hope to Indigenous and worldwide communities.



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