"These past few reservations I could feel God breaking my heart for young teens and adults. I can only imagine what Jesus must feel."
Megan (Navajo), OEW team member

"I have seen God bigger than ever before."
Mark (Cayuga, Mohawk), first year OEW warrior

This summer was all about hearts. Including mine. None of us who were eyewitnesses to God's work this summer will ever be the same. My hope is that, as you read this final report, you'll be able to feel some of the heart of what you prayed for and gave for. First, here's a quick overview of the ministry of this team...

The Breakthroughs Continue

On Eagles' Wings brought Missy back home - to a place that nearly destroyed her and her family.

Fear is a way of life at Silver Creek. It's one of this country's poorest reservations. And most violent. The gangs are nationally notorious. The grudges and vendettas are repeatedly avenged. People are slow to open their door.

Summer of Hope 2023 Front-Lines Report - The Fourth Reservation

"We don't want your Jesus around here."

The Kenati people are some of the most religious people I've met in this country. But the quote above pretty much sums up their attitude toward Jesus.

Summer of Hope 2023 Front-Lines Report - Our Second Reservation

I sit here looking at my computer screen, wondering how I can possibly tell the glory story of these past three nights. I'll try - because we were living the answers to your prayers.

The Miracle on the Court

It started with Night Two on the Bluewater Reservation.

The On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center had its first-ever commencement ceremony. May 13, 2023, was a special day to honor the first class of graduating students from the On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center.

It was literally centuries ago. The light of the Gospel was lit in the hearts of the people here. That was then, this is now. The light has burned very low.

They were some of the first Indigenous people on this continent to hear about Jesus. Now many see anything Christian as an enemy.



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