Warrior Leadership Summit 2015 is now finished. What a week this has been!

This was our largest gathering of Native young people - representing 115 Tribes!

There were many commitments this week: warriors choosing to begin a relationship with Jesus, or asking Jesus to make them clean, or choosing to break the cycle of sin, or becoming available to serve Jesus however, wherever.

It's so hard - probably impossible - to try to capture in words what we've seen and felt in this Summer of Hope. But it helps to see the breakthroughs through the eyes some of the Native pastors and missionaries we partnered with. In their words...

  • "I feel like I'm watching something from the Book of Acts."
    Reservation 3 - "Beaver Lake"
  • "You are what hope for our people looks like."
    Reservation 1 - "Sulphur Springs"
  • "I felt like I'd stepped into heaven when I saw how many accepted Jesus."
    Reservation 4 - "Shadow Ridge"
  • "The Lord came down. He wanted to meet our kids."
    Reservation 8 - "Grandview"

Never before have we felt the deep need for your prayer as we did for this Summer of Hope. And never before, in the 20 supernatural years of On Eagles' Wings, have we seen such hard-fought and dramatic victories.



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