I suppose if treating victims with traumatic injuries is what you do every day, you're not easily moved emotionally by what you see. Unless it's something really above and beyond.

I'm so inspired by "Gabby" Giffords' recovery! After her near fatal gunshot wound to the head two weeks ago, she's leaving the hospital for rehab! The word "miracle" has become almost commonplace in news reports these days.

It's like Dr. Peter Rhee was hand-picked to be the trauma doctor that tragic Saturday morning in Tuscon. Suddenly, University Medical Center Hospital was inundated with a flood of shooting victims. Most prominent among them - a United States Congresswoman with a severe bullet wound to the head.

Flags fly at half-staff...our national leaders pause for a moment of silence at the White House and on the Capitol steps...and even seasoned news reporters struggle with the pain and anguish of those devastating moments when a mall parking lot suddenly became a killing field.

Another one of those days. When our country is shaken by the shock and grief - and stories - of a single violent act. The barrage of deadly shots at the Tucson, Arizona supermarket lasted only seconds. The damage done will last for lifetimes.

We just gave our two-year-old grandson an early Christmas present - it's a charming children's Nativity. As soon as he opened it, he started arranging Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the animals exactly where he thought they should be.When I looked at his finished work, I thought, "This little guy gets it."

There's no better time to have a baby boy than Christmastime. My parents did. And we did. No, not my wife and me. That really would be a Christmas miracle. It was our son and daughter-in-law.

And as of this past weekend, our family can say, with the ancient prophecy of Jesus' coming, "to us a child is born; to us a son is given" (Isaiah 9:6). And what a baby boy he is, charging into the world at ten pounds, ten ounces!

The little kid with the round head and the pitiful tree has become a regular part of America's Christmas. Our kids watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" when they were little; now their kids love it - and their parents never stopped loving it.

I watched the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree this week. It's always heartwarming to watch those lights come on in the middle of the city where I spent so much ministry time.

And there was some good news coming from that big Christmas tree. Sure, we had the obligatory "bubble gum" songs about Santa and snow and toys. But I was impressed with the fact that Jesus was there, too. In beautiful presentations of "Silent Night" and "Away in a Manger" and "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen." There actually were a few relatively holy moments in the midst of the New York glitz.



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