TitanicNinety-nine years ago this week, the unsinkable ship sank and some 1,500 passengers died. I've got my boarding pass for the Titanic. For real. They gave it to me at the entrance to a Titanic artifacts exhibit I went to. Except it doesn't have my name on it. It says "Mr. J. Pearse, Crew." Having the name of someone who was really there that night made what I saw a whole lot more personal.

Cherry blossomsWhat a great time to be traveling out East! It's cherry blossom time. I've just been where those pink beauties are popping out everywhere. One of the gals on the Weather Channel was broadcasting from Washington, DC. with a backdrop of exploding cherry blossoms.

Baseball baseThe long winter is over. For baseball fans, that is. It's time to move from snowballs to fastballs. The sluggerless solstice ended recently with two glorious words: "Opening day!"

And just as in each of the last ten years, St. Louis Cardinals star Albert Pujols is expected to have another Hall of Fame season. He's acknowledged by many to already be one of baseball's all-time greats.

Hand opening blindsWow, does our uncle pay for a lot more than we realized! Uncle Sam, that is. The prospect of a government shutdown is revealing all the people and services that would feel the pain if Uncle doesn't get some money. Suddenly, America's military and government workers - who do more things for us than we ever thought - won't be seeing their paycheck on time. It looks like even our National Parks will be affected. Does this mean Smokey the Bear might not get paid?

Tree and its rootsThere's been a run on graveyards lately. Not because more people are dying, but because more people are connecting the dots in their family tree. A couple of recent TV programs that show famous people pursuing the story of their family's past have fueled an explosion of interest in genealogy research. Just ask the librarians who are welcoming visitors from all over to their newly-enhanced genealogy resources.

Damaged airlinerIf you've been flying commercially recently, it's probably best if you were too busy to watch the news. Let's see - there's the plane that suddenly had a hole in the roof - and the ones where they've found cracks since then. Oh yeah, and the plane with the bullet hole in it.

Delete keyA young man we know is pretty distraught over a death in his family. Suddenly, he's decided to delete a bunch of Facebook friends.

I've talked with people who have been the deleted friends of someone else I know. It really hurt. It's quite a time we live in. You can delete a relationship with a stroke of your finger.

Hand sticking up from oceanWorld events - even ones as tragic and dramatic as Japan's quake / tsunami / nuclear emergency - tend to get pushed off the front page by the next big story. And these days, there's a next big story just about every day.

But I'm thinking about those workers at those damaged nuclear power plants. They have to know what's happening to their bodies and their futures as they work in that radiating place. But they also know that lives are at stake in their efforts to contain the invisible killer that leaks from those plants. So they risk it all.

I want to be a Tomahawk missile. Not blowing up things. But always on course.

I've read that Tomahawk missiles have this state-of-the-art internal guidance system that always get them to their target. If they're wandering, they self-correct so they don't miss.

Fascinating. They're talking now about a "morning after" app for your smartphone. Apparently, this will allow you to delete any Twitter or Facebook message you've sent over the past twelve hours. Just in case you have second thoughts or delayed regrets.

Now who's going to invent a way to erase the words you wish you hadn't said from the hearts and souls of those we wounded? Ain't going to happen. There's no "morning after" app for the harsh or hurting words we say. There's only a "moment before" internal censor that refuses to "let any unwholesome talk come our of your mouth" (Ephesians 4:29). Damaging words are like bullets - you can't take them back once they're fired.



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