Business suitI thought Humpty Dumpty was just a nursery rhyme. You know, that big egg who sat on a wall, but had a great fall. Turns out he's got a lot of company these days. Sitting on a high wall. Smashed by a big fall.

Woman dialing a phoneIt's been an awful spring for tornadoes. Again, our news coverage is filled with those all-too-familiar images of a city leveled and a death toll rising. This time, it's Joplin, Missouri.

The image they keep showing over and over came from a cell phone video shot in a convenience store, literally as the tornado was tearing that store apart. Miraculously, everyone survived. But they didn't think they would.

Are you ready?I watched the news today. They were talking about doomsday. And it made me sad. Not because I'm nervous about Jesus fulfilling all His prophecies about earth's final chapter. But because millions are laughing about something they desperately need to take seriously.

House surrounded by deep waterWhen it's man versus lots of water, you know the water's often going to win. Oh, we've built dams and levees and water management systems. But sometimes - like now along the Mississippi - there's just too much water.

Flooded streetIt all depends on the levees now. So many Americans have been watching record high flood waters rising all around them this week. Hoping the wall between them and all that water is high enough to hold it back.

It would be crazy for some town to suddenly say, "Uh-oh. We'd better build a wall here. Fast." No, it's too late when the waters are surging. You've got to build your walls high before the flood comes.

Flooded section of Memphis, TNI still remember at least one line of poetry from high school. "Water, water everywhere." For lots of folks, that's not poetry right now. It's their town...their neighborhood...their house. The rivers are overflowing and backing up into every creek and stream they're connected to. It's a mess.

Horses racing on a dirt trackHonest, we didn't mean to be in northern Kentucky on Kentucky Derby weekend - but obviously thousands of people did. In trying to avoid flooding as we traveled, that's exactly where we managed to be. So there we were in the middle of rampant Derby Fever. No, I didn't bet on anybody, and I refuse to wear one of those floppy hats.

There's something about a princess.

I know our granddaughters sure think so. They've got princess dolls, princess sheets, princess tiaras - you get the picture. But they're not unusual. So many little girls, from so many generations, have grown up with dreams of being a princess. And what's at the center of Disney World's Fantasyland? Cinderella's Castle, of course.

The Royal Wedding has undoubtedly captured the fascination of millions.

The British royal wedding is big. But God's ultimate Royal Spectacle will be the biggest news the world has ever known!

Ron Hutchcraft weighs in with a powerful video blog: "The Ultimate Royal Spectacle."

Please view and share Ron Hutchcraft's "The Ultimate Royal Spectacle."

Two wedding ringsI was excited to learn that they'll be serving beetroot blinis at the Royal Wedding breakfast. And there will be edible flowers on the wedding fruitcake. Oh yeah - and there are 32,500 stitches in the waistcoats they're making for the footmen. Yes, the news folks have gone a little "daft" (British-ism) over the wedding of William and Kate.



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