A runner

Health clubs and spas love January! Business skyrockets as December bulges turn to January workouts.

A "new year" sounds like a great time to work on a new you. Thus, the infamous New Year's resolution. "A firm decision to do or not to do something."

Sadly, research shows that about 88% of our resolutions won't happen.


It was a Kleenex moment in the Christmas season, for sure.

Like the first Christmas, there was a newborn baby involved. But no manger. How about a Jumbotron screen at an Anaheim Ducks hockey game, of all places?


A strange sight, for sure. Ferguson, Missouri in flames. With Christmas lights all around. A "Season's Greetings" banner, shrouded in tear gas.

Seems like a disconnect. Or maybe not.

Brittany's Choice


Brittany Maynard's medical death sentence. A young wife, in love with her husband, looking forward to having children. Told that her incurable cancer would, after a painful decline, take her young life.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams, one of the funniest men in America. Successful in movies. TV. Even Broadway.

This last batch of killer tornadoes missed our area. But the lives and places devastated this time hit a little closer to home.

The Mississippi folks at the conference we were at were getting some pretty scary reports from back home. Others from North Carolina were still talking about the toddler who died in a tornado that struck nearby. Friends in a ministry organization we know were deeply wounded by the death of a coworker and his daughters in Arkansas.

Mt. Everest

It just sounds weird. "Mount Everest is closed."

But that was the headline last week. No one's climbing that most iconic of all mountaineering conquests.

Because last week 16 Sherpa guides were lost on the mountain. As blocks of ice as big as automobiles came cascading down on them.

The Finish Line

"We own the finish line!" - Vice President Joe Biden at the memorial service for Boston Marathon bombing victims

Wow. I heard that and said, "That's Easter!"

Death - life's finish line - has never been the same since Jesus blew it away that first Easter morning.

This lost plane is just sad beyond words. None of the "experts" can remember a time when a plane full of passengers has so totally vanished.

And none of the people who love those passengers could ever have imagined the nightmare they're living right now.

Jerked around by one theory, one "sighting," one dashed hope after another.

As a "frequent flyer," I've flown a lot of miles over the years. All over the world. So the eerie disappearance of Malaysia Air 370 hits a little too close to home.



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