Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Telephone etiquette is usually one of the last things children learn-if they ever learn it! In fact, I sometimes kind of cringe when a child answers the phone. You never know if they're going to hang up, or if they're going to yell into the phone, "Hey, Mom!" or if they're just going to put down the phone and forget to tell anyone that you're waiting. Ah, but the daughter of a friend of ours...oh, a pleasant exception. The family visited our office a while back, and when they got home, I called and the little girl answered. Very polite, very coherent, very competent. I said, "Hey, girl, how would you like to be my secretary?" She must have seen how crazy that job is when they were in our headquarters, because she answered immediately...oh, not with a yes-not with a no. She just said, "Uh, how about my brother?"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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It was four months after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center that a moving postscript was added to the accounts of rescue heroism that we had already heard. Some 343 firefighters lost their lives on September 11, going in to rescue people at a time when everyone else was fleeing. But a subsequent review of the fatalities actually revealed that sixty of those who died were "off duty" when they rushed into the burning towers at the World Trade Center. Some of the firefighters who gave their lives that day had been home or working second jobs when they heard about the fires at the towers and they sped to the scene in taxis or in their own cars. A fire department spokesman said, "Those who were 'off duty' joined those who were already working in a valiant and courageous effort to save as many lives as possible."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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The Kentucky Derby always has its share of drama. The 2006 Kentucky Derby was a blowout. A horse named Barbaro took the lead in America's most famous race and left every other horse in the dust. Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby by an astounding 6 ½ lengths! Many thought that horse could go on to be one of the few who has ever won the Triple Crown. Well, sadly, an injury ended that dream. But it didn't take away the glory of Barbaro's dramatic Kentucky Derby victory.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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Our daughter was a high school student on the East Coast, our son-in-law in the Midwest when they met. And how did they meet when they lived 800 miles apart? The introducers! Yes, that would be my friend Chuck and me. I was going to Chicago for the kickoff broadcast of my new youth broadcast, which included live call-in. But since I wasn't sure anybody would call the first time, I asked our producer to help me make sure we had some teenage dialog by having a guy and a girl in the studio with me. The subject was, appropriately enough, "The Three Lies of the Dating Game." I brought my daughter; Chuck brought this cool guy from the Chicago suburbs. And my producer and I got to introduce them. It was not love at first sight. No, but it was the first chapter in what became a lifetime love! I think they owe my friend Chuck and me big-time. Because in many cases, no introducer, no relationship!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Part of the incredible impact of the attacks on the World Trade Center was that everyday people suddenly became national heroes. Fire trucks would roll through New York City with weary firefighters on board. You can picture it; I know that you can. And New Yorkers would erupt in spontaneous cheers; scenes we will never forget. Ground Zero, that devastated area at and around the site of the collapsed towers, became known as Ground Hero. Professional athletes, who are supposedly our nation's heroes in less turbulent times, kept saying, "We're not the heroes – they're the heroes." Americans will not soon forget those firefighters, the police, the medical personnel, and those countless volunteers who gave everything they had to try to rescue those who were caught in those collapsing towers. Honestly, the word "hero" may never be the same.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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Well, our ministry was being honored with a gracious award from a Christian foundation, named in honor of a visionary pastor in a major American city. Before his sudden death some years ago, he'd been a powerful spiritual force in that city. But he didn't start out as a pastor. First, he was known and loved as a news anchorman for a major network station. On the night that changed his life forever, he went to cover a gang shooting. He reported at the spot where the killing had taken place with the chalk outline of the victim on the street behind him. He interviewed a gang member from the neighborhood and asked him, "Have you ever thought about living another way; getting out of this cycle of violence?" It was this young man's answer that rocked him: "How can you think about another way to live when you've never seen another way to live?" It was a question that ultimately caused that anchorman to change the whole direction of his life.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

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As a general rule, I don't do hospitals. Oh, I visit other people in hospitals, but I don't stay in them. God has blessed me with wonderful health over the years. But there was a time I had such an intense bout with the flu that I ended up badly dehydrated. The doctor was concerned enough about me that he put me in the hospital, yeah, put me in the hospital to stay for a short time, actually, to get re-hydrated with intravenous fluids. Now I've got to tell you, I was not a happy camper when they told me they were going to admit me to the hospital. Oh, I tried to be nice on the outside, but inside I was like mrrr-mrrr-mrrr-mrrrr. Well, that was until my sister-in-law reminded me of something she said I had told her once or twice. (See, I hate this! I hate it when my own words come back to haunt me. I can't argue with me!) She said, "Remember who you are and remember why you're here."

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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I invented this little game to play with our two young grandsons - Bible Charades. We tried it one Sunday afternoon during a visit to our house, and then they wanted to do it every time. It's pretty simple. Just write a brief description of several Bible stories on cards, and then the boys would take turns drawing a card and acting out the story with either their Daddy or me as their teammate. Whoever isn't playing is supposed to be guessing. My favorite was when the younger boy-who was three-years-old-was David and his tall Daddy was Goliath. That worked. The little guy pretended that this dishtowel was his slingshot, and he spun it around his head-followed by Daddy holding his forehead and crashing dramatically to the living room floor. No talking is allowed. You can only act it out. One problem: our five-year-old grandson knew a lot more Bible stories than his three-year-old brother, which made this game pretty challenging and sometimes kind of frustrating for the little guy. The story that we hoped that he'd guess by our actions might be a story he doesn't even know!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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It was Moving Day! If you've ever moved from one house to another, across the street or across the country, you know how much fun it can be. And if you think it's fun, you've never done it. Our daughter and son-in-law and their two boys had moved a lot of their belongings to a temporary house while major repairs were being done on their house. A few weeks after they hauled a lot of their life into their temporary home, they got to move it out again and back into their real home. We all pitched in and there were a lot of trips back and forth with armloads of boxes and bags, and loading everything into several family vehicles. Our then three-year-old grandson was watching all the work going on, and as he heard some of us discussing what was still left to do, he quickly volunteered his personal perspective. We hadn't yet asked him to do anything, but he still turned to walk away with these words on his lips: "I'm not available right now."

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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When you've got a God like ours, even a parade can turn out to be a place for Him to amaze you. What I'm about to tell you is not Uncle Ronnie's Story Time. It's really a story about a God that you may really need right now. I was scheduled to speak at a Native camp in Canada, and our hosts wanted me to bring a few of the Native young people that God used so mightily on our reservation teams that summer. They've been so excited about being spiritual rescuers that they asked me, "Is there a reservation near the camp?" They wanted to continue the outreach of the summer. There was a reservation, or as they say in Canada, reserve. But we knew no one there who could help us. My wife and I got to the area a couple days early and we decided to take in a parade in the nearby town. We prayed about God directing us where to sit. Basically, we just wanted a shady spot. Our neighbors in the spot we chose turned out to be a Native family.



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