Many of the world's greatest dramas are not on a stage or a screen, but they are played out in that quadrennial spectacle we call the Olympics. One year Britain's representative in the 400-meter race, Derek Redmond, went down in the back stretch with a torn right hamstring. As the medical attendants approached, Redmond fought to his feet and set out hopping, desperately trying to finish the race. He knew he wouldn't win, he was just trying to finish.

If you had a big van with only two seats in the front and a bench seat in the back, and in between there was nothing but carpeted open floor, it could be challenging to carry on a conversation. It would be almost impossible when the windows were open. Can you imagine trying to communicate from back to front and front to back? The person's lips would be moving, but you probably would have no idea what was being said. In that van, it wouldn't matter how loud you talked, how sincere you were, or how important your words were. The other passengers couldn't hear what you were saying.

Babies do not always know what is good for them, especially when it comes to food. That's why, rather than pry open a stubborn baby's mouth, we play airplane.

You can get into a pretty good debate among American sports fans over which sport is the most exciting. Basketball might be voted as the most exciting sport because basketball is pretty physical. It's constantly changing, it's intense, and it's unpredictable. There's only one point where it slows down a little - much to the relief of the players. If a player is fouled by someone from the other team he gets to shoot one or two free throws. That's the one time when nobody's bothering you and no one is trying to stop you from getting your shot. Actually, there might be others bothering you, especially if you are the visiting team. When you're facing the basket, you are also facing all those local fans who want you to miss. They jump up and down, make noise, wave their arms, and wave signs. If you're trying to score more points, you really need to concentrate.

When you drive in the New York area, lane switching becomes an art, and you need to see exactly what's around you. That one area you can't see in any of your mirrors becomes pretty critical because it creates a dangerous blind spot. Also, right around the optic nerve in our eyes, there are no rods and cones to produce a visual image giving all of us a blind spot.

We teach our kids many life skills; skills such as how to talk, how to feed themselves, how to study, and how to have good manners. We teach them how to ride a bike, how to play various sports, and then how to drive.

A boy from the south side of Chicago meets a girl from the Ozarks of Arkansas, and they live happily ever after. That is my life story.

I'm the early riser in our family, so it's not uncommon for me to be in the bathroom around 6 a.m.; the only one awake. Now, I have made a science of being quiet in the morning so I don't wake up my wife or anyone else who might be sleeping.

Do you look forward to seeing how you look in pictures? You say, "Well, uh...yes and no." There are always a couple of pictures you get back that you would like to look at again.

Some of God's most impressive artwork is hidden underwater or underground. He cannot make boring stuff, even if it is in a place where few people will ever see it.



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