I've noticed that while my car moves slowly through the sprays and brushes of the local car wash, I have plenty of time to talk to the man at the cash register and look at all the car gadgets on the walls. I think they move the car slowly so I'll have plenty of time to buy little things I don't really need.

During an airplane flight, there is constant communication that involves your plane. The air traffic controllers clear your pilot for takeoff, and later at another tower, they will clear him for landing. They stay in touch the whole time between the takeoff and the landing. There is more to the flight than just the beginning and the end. The pilot needs to know if there are other planes nearby or of bad weather that demands a change of plans. It's good the pilot doesn't turn off communication with the tower after he takes off.

In certain situations, casual just isn't appropriate. For example, at private clubs or upscale restaurants you have to dress differently. Men will be met at the door with a "Sorry, sir, you cannot eat here. We require a jacket and tie," if they are dressed too casually. Sometimes even at weddings or special events we find that casual is out.

He is rapidly becoming one of the most famous rabbits in America, and there are not that many famous rabbits. There's Bugs Bunny, Peter Cottontail, and Roger Rabbit, but this one is the new kid on the block.

You can get into a pretty good debate among American sports fans over which sport is the most exciting. Basketball might be voted as the most exciting sport because basketball is pretty physical. It's constantly changing, it's intense, and it's unpredictable. There's only one point where it slows down a little - much to the relief of the players. If a player is fouled by someone from the other team he gets to shoot one or two free throws. That's the one time when nobody's bothering you and no one is trying to stop you from getting your shot. Actually, there might be others bothering you, especially if you are the visiting team. When you're facing the basket, you are also facing all those local fans who want you to miss. They jump up and down, make noise, wave their arms, and wave signs. If you're trying to score more points, you really need to concentrate.

Our youngest son was asleep upstairs, and his dog, Missy, was confined to the kitchen. Our daughter, who was visiting, thought it would be fun to play with Missy, so she removed the gate on the kitchen and let her out. She did not get to play with Missy because that dog took off like a rocket with a guidance system. Missy made a mad dash down the hall and up the stairs, somehow managed to get our son's door opened, and jumped into his bed. We didn't even know that she knew where he was. Somebody said, "Boy, she's a smart dog." Well, she is. She knows exactly where her master is. She goes straight there.

Once on an airplane flight from Chicago to Newark, I was busily working when suddenly the pilot put on the brakes. We were not really near Newark yet, so I tried to figure out what was going on.

Technology is amazing. You can take the same camera and get two totally different views just by using two different lenses. For example, when you put on the wide-angle lens, you can get a picture of an entire football field with that camera. When you change over to what is called a macro lens, which really magnifies things, you can fill that camera's view with one face in the stands. It's amazing to see how that camera can go from the big picture to the smallest details.

Certain occupations require a particularly strong self-image. For example, a dentist needs a strong self-image because everyone dreads what they do. You also probably need a pretty strong self-image to be an IRS agent. How about a baseball umpire? Everybody thinks they can see better than the umpire, yelling when they don't agree with a call, "Hey, are you blind?" Fans comment on the intelligence of the umpire when they disagree, but you cannot have baseball without umpires. Imagine the players trying to agree on whether a guy was safe or out at second base. That would end the game right there! How about letting the fans decide? There would be chaos without the umpire. Thousands of voices may give their opinion about whether the runner was safe or not, but there's only one voice that matters. The umpire settles it.



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