He is rapidly becoming one of the most famous rabbits in America, and there are not that many famous rabbits. There's Bugs Bunny, Peter Cottontail, and Roger Rabbit, but this one is the new kid on the block.

In the middle of a commercial, he will come marching across the screen, beating his drum energetically with drumsticks flying in the air. He's the Energizer Bunny, advertising batteries that supposedly keep "going and going and going..."

In Luke 9:23 of the Bible is a verse for Christians who would like to have the word "consistent" describe their experience in Christ. That's not how we live a lot of our Christian life, is it? We tend to have spiritual highs. We tend to be roller-coaster Christians. We get this surge of power from this big battery. We go to a meeting, a concert, a retreat, hear a great speaker, or find something that touches us on the radio. We get the surge, and there's a spurt of spiritual victory, but then suddenly we're standing still or falling over.

Maybe you're tired of brief seasons of excellence with long stretches of spiritual mediocrity in between - up and down, up and down. You're ready to be an energizer Christian. Luke 9:23 says, "Then he said to them all: 'If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.'"

To successfully follow Jesus, we have to say no to controlling our own lives and yes to keeping in step with Him. We should daily dedicate our lives to Jesus. This kind of Christian is steady and lives for Jesus one day at a time. It's a 24-hour exercise, as if we will have no other days and is a surrender to Christ that is renewable every morning.

Did you meet with Him this morning? Make sure you've listened to His voice before you listen to any other. As you read His Word, look for some specific part of your life you can apply that verse to and give Him that ground for the day. This is an act of specific lordship. He is the specific Lord of something. I'm talking about a measurable surrender. At the end of the day do a personal checkup. Did He change something? Did Jesus touch a real part of you that day? Tomorrow, start with Jesus again.

Now each week is seven new starts with Jesus, so you can never say, "I have completely dedicated my life forever." All you can say is, "I am dedicating..." and He will make those days into weeks and months and years, and a lifetime. You will keep going and going and going...



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