There used to be an amusement park with a ride called the Rotor. It was like a giant washing machine tub, except they didn't put clothes in it. People would step into this big, round cylinder and stand on a ledge. It would start to spin, getting faster and faster, and then the floor would drop out from underneath them. You could hear the screams halfway across the city as riders were thrown against the outer edges. Centrifugal force is amazing! The faster things are spinning, the more things are spun to the edge.

When a high school football team has a history of championships, the guys work hard to get a starting position. They spend a lot of time in the weight room, because they realize that it is the best place to lift.

When I was unpacking in a hotel room once, I flipped on the television, and it automatically came on to the adult movie channel. I switched immediately, and later when I turned it off, I left it on the news channel I had been watching. I thought, 'Okay, I have this thing figured out. The next time the TV comes on, it will come on to the news channel.' Wrong. That TV was programmed to always come on to the sleazy channel!

If you shoot a gun or a bow, you know what you want to hit. You want to hit the bull's-eye. If you're in a battle, it isn't quite as easy to know where the bull's-eye is. Well, Daniel Morgan knew. Daniel Morgan commanded a unit called Morgan's Raiders on the colonists' side during the Revolutionary War. He made a decisive difference, especially at the battle of Saratoga, which many scholars say was the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

The garage sale syndrome. Suddenly, one day this urge hits you. "There's entirely too much stuff in this house. We're going to have a garage sale." Everybody is dispatched to their corner of the house to figure out their contribution. You set up shop, pray for a nice day, and then somebody comes along, likes the price, buys your stuff, and it becomes their stuff. Now might be a great time to look at the accumulation around you and do something about it!

The night before the Desert Storm troops were to begin their land invasion, trying to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein, a supernatural intervention took place that the troops will never forget. That night there was a sudden shift in the wind.

Sports give us a lot of thrills and also occasional tragedies, like the death of the captain of the Boston Celtics basketball team, Reggie Lewis. After he collapsed in a basketball playoff game, a team of doctors said he had a potentially dangerous heart condition, and he couldn't play anymore. He went for a second opinion, and those doctors said he had a much less serious condition and could gradually return to playing. Well, he died doing some practice shooting in a gym a few months later.



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