What do these people have in common? James Haggerty, George Reedy, James Brady, and Marlin Fitzwater. Do you know what they are famous for? You have probably heard of at least one of them. They were all presidential press secretaries. Those are names you would have never heard of except for their connection to the president of the United States. When these relatively unknown people called a press conference, the Washington press corps started to scramble, and they arrived in a matter of minutes. The press hang on every word they have to say, write them down, and then run to the phone to report it. Why do people consider the words they speak so important? It is because those are not their words.

Nowadays you don't have to physically go to work anymore; people can work from home. Some people start out working outside the home and easily move to working from home by transferring their calls to their house.

Certain occupations require a particularly strong self-image. For example, a dentist needs a strong self-image because everyone dreads what they do. You also probably need a pretty strong self-image to be an IRS agent. How about a baseball umpire? Everybody thinks they can see better than the umpire, yelling when they don't agree with a call, "Hey, are you blind?" Fans comment on the intelligence of the umpire when they disagree, but you cannot have baseball without umpires. Imagine the players trying to agree on whether a guy was safe or out at second base. That would end the game right there! How about letting the fans decide? There would be chaos without the umpire. Thousands of voices may give their opinion about whether the runner was safe or not, but there's only one voice that matters. The umpire settles it.



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