When you drive in the New York area, lane switching becomes an art, and you need to see exactly what's around you. That one area you can't see in any of your mirrors becomes pretty critical because it creates a dangerous blind spot. Also, right around the optic nerve in our eyes, there are no rods and cones to produce a visual image giving all of us a blind spot.

The Book of Proverbs in God's Word brings great wisdom on this subject. For example:

  • "A mocker resents correction; he will not consult the wise." Proverbs 15:12
  • "Whoever heeds correction shows prudence." Proverbs 15:5
  • "He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains understanding." Proverbs 15:32

It is pretty clear what God is saying here. Wise people know how to accept correction and criticism. We need the people around us who confront us, challenge us, and even criticize us because we all have a blind spot. We all have weaknesses in ourselves we cannot see. There are hurtful ways we treat people, ways we say things, ways we act when we're busy or tired, or ways we abuse the truth, people's feelings, and biblical boundaries. Some of our most entrenched sins are often sins we cannot see very well. We are so used to doing things a certain way that we will never see some sins without the help of someone else.

God doesn't want your blind spot to remain there, because He knows it can make you crash, so He puts mirrors with two legs into your life. Do you have some two-legged mirrors in your life? Those are people who love you enough, or maybe even dislike you enough, to tell you the hard truth about yourself.

If you are married, are you letting your mate be your mirror? Sometimes a parent is your mirror. Your child, even a young child, can be God's unblinding agent in your life. He may also use a friend. Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Maybe He will even use our enemies. There is some measure of truth in their words or they wouldn't have said them. Keep the percentage that is true, and throw out the rest.

If you are going to be a good mirror for other people, be sure that you show them their strong points too. Many times, we are blind to what is good about us as well as what is bad. Make sure there is praise as well as constructive criticism that says, "I love you enough to tell you the truth."

Even if your physical vision is perfect, you still have blind spots. Because God loves you so much, He is not going to leave you blind. When someone shows you what you cannot see yourself, be wise enough to take a good look, and don't abuse the mirror.



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