How to Help Someone Do Christmas with Christ in Their Heart

The song says, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." It really is - for telling people about Jesus. God has divinely positioned you in the lives of some folks who don't belong to Jesus so they can have a chance to belong to Him. You are their chance, and Christmastime is the best time to tell them about the "Savior who is born to you" (Luke 2:8).

There's no time of the year when it's more natural to talk about Jesus. For once, He's everywhere in our culture - TV specials, music at the mall, manger scenes, cards, community Christmas events. The Bible directs us to "make the most of every opportunity" (Colossians 4:5), and the Christmas season is loaded with them. If you're looking for them, this time could be decisive for people you love to open their heart to Jesus, because hearts are softer at Christmas.

It's time to be praying the 3-open prayer for people you care about:

  • "Lord, open a door."
  • "Lord, open their heart."
  • "Lord, open my mouth."

Christmastime is rescue time. When the angel told Joseph, "You shall call His name Jesus," he was saying it all. Because the name Jesus means "God rescues." That's the mission of Christmas - rescuing us from what our sins are doing to us and what they will cost us. And you're joining Jesus in the reason He came when you use His birthday to help rescue those He came for.

Ask God to make "Christmastime is rescue time" a mindset so you'll have eyes to see the many life-saving opportunities you have during the season.

A few ideas for thinking rescue at Christmas:

The Event
Pick a Christmas concert or special event that you think will effectively present Christ. Then plan a social evening with one or two couples you've been praying for. Invite them to have dinner before the event, or include coming to your house for dessert after. That's where you have an opportunity to use what was said about Jesus at the event as a springboard to talk about what this Jesus has done for you. Or maybe you know of a Gospel-oriented Christmas movie or TV program to share with them, that can also open doors.

The Christmas Cards
My daughter has a Christmas card list that goes all the way back to her high school friends. She selects Christmas cards that can communicate Christ to people who don't know Him. She likes to write a personal note in those cards, reinforcing her ongoing love for the people who are the tapestry of her life. It's a good example of intentionality in using Christmas to bring lost folks closer to Jesus.

Many people include a personal letter with their Christmas cards, updating everyone on their lives. If your Hope Story of how Jesus has changed your life is written, it can be included in your Christmas cards. There may also be opportunities to give it to co-workers, neighbors, and family members.

Your Hope Story should:

  • Be brief. It's a busy time of the year.
  • Be communicated in non-religious words.
  • Emphasize the real difference Jesus is making in your life - as a parent, spouse, friend, individual, leader, employer, employee; and what difference He's made in the lonely or depressing times, bad news times, financial setbacks, medical issues, grief and loss.
  • Interweave the Gospel, showing how His story changed your story. The wall that was between you and God because of your sin; your realization that Jesus came to pay your death penalty; how the wall came down and He came in the day you grabbed Him like a dying person grabs their Rescuer.
  • Tell them you'd welcome the opportunity to talk more about this whenever they'd like.

The Burdens
Christmas not only amplifies the love and joy in people's lives, but it also amplifies the sorrows - of a lost loved one, divorce, broken relationship, medical battles, financial struggles. Just offering to pray in the moment with someone about that burden gives you the opportunity to express your relationship with God in a way that touches their life.

The Gifts
Who are some people who need Jesus that you could give a special gift to this Christmas? The gift doesn't have to be expensive. It really is the thought that counts. The gift can be as simple as home-baked bread or cookies. Include a special note or Christmas booklet, or a short version of your Hope Story. People to think about: neighbors, coworkers, teachers, service-providers, doctors, dentists, nurses. Reach out to some people who might not receive gifts.

If your children are in school, maybe they can give a Christmas Goodie Bag to their classmates with candy, a candy cane, or other fun items, and a Christmas book or booklet that's about Jesus and age-appropriate.

Social Media Updates
Think about how you can use your “social media universe" as a place to get people thinking about Jesus this season. For example, you can post a status update that shares your heart about what Jesus means to you this Christmas. Something like:

  • "Celebrating the birthday of the Man who died so I can live"
  • "Celebrating the birth of the Man who gave His life and changed my life forever"

You can also send messages that express what that person means to you and how the Baby changed everything for you.

Christmastime Rescue Resources
Our ministry team really believes that Christmastime is rescue time. Because of this, we've tried to provide through our website, resources that can help you tell His story.

Christmas has been a season for "spreading the word" about Jesus since the first Christmas! "When the shepherds had seen Him, they spread the word concerning Him...all who heard it were amazed" (Luke 2:17-18). This time of year could be your best chance to help someone you care about be in heaven with you someday. Don't allow the Christmas-busy let this wonderful season of opportunity slip away.


Originally published December 10, 2009



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