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Here you can find many messages from Ron Hutchcraft that you can either read or listen to. Check out Life Issues for words that directly address problems we face today, Motivational Articles for some inspiration, and News to find out what's happening at RHM. You can also listen to Ron's devotions with RHM staff, radio specials and news interviews!


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"The world is in greater turmoil than at any time in my lifetime."

This quote from a recent political leader sums up what many are feeling. No matter where you live in the world, you're feeling the uncertainty and chaos that surrounds us. There's a lot that's broken. And problems so complex that every solution seems to create another problem.

In this context, Ron Hutchcraft has a message for today. While storms may be raging in the world, and in your life, Ron provides the anchors for a certain hope.

Dear friend, thank you for caring about a generation of young people!

If your heart aches for millions of teenagers who need Jesus, we would like to offer to you the free downloadable PDF, "12 Sentences That Define A Generation." This will help you understand today’s young people, so we can better reach them for Jesus!

Together, we can win this battle for a generation!

Introducing a new e-book by Ron Hutchcraft: "Authentic Relationships for Women."

Relationships - this is where we have our highest hopes and where we experience our greatest fears as well as our greatest pain. There has never been more confusion than there is today in the area of what love means and what relationships are all about.

Do you feel pressed on, pulled on, pushed on, compressed, or twisted? That's what stress does to us. It twists our personality and our judgment. We don't always make the best judgment calls when we're stressed and weary.

In "Peaceful Living in a Stressful World" by Ron Hutchcraft, you'll find a two-part strategy for replacing stress with peace. If you are going through a violent storm right now that maybe few people know about, your storm can begin to be calm today. Reach for peace!

How to Have Relationships Without Regrets and Success Without Scars

The word "single" means so many different things these days. Some people are single, some are single again, and some are single parents. Some are a blend of those. The relationship zone of our life is where we place our greatest hopes, it's where we have our greatest fears, it's where we've had our greatest pain, and it's where we've made our greatest mistakes.


Christmas Moments

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries is pleased to present the "25 Days of Christmas Moments" as a ministry tool for you. Each "Christmas Moment" is full of Ron's warmth and personal style of ministry to point people to Jesus this Christmas season.

Each "Christmas Moment" gives you the option of audio or text.

Spread the hope of Jesus this Christmas by emailing a link of just the right "Christmas Moment" to a friend or family member who may not know Jesus. Free free to print the messages to post at work or share with someone. Each message contains the number for Need Him ministries, so those hungry for life's greatest relationship can talk to someone right away.

Check out the "25 Days of Christmas Moments" below:



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