Our four-year-old grandson asked his daddy, "Do you know my favorite thing about Christmas? Presents." Well, there's no surprise there. And then ... "Because Jesus is our present."

It's a heart-tugger...when they show some kid's soldier dad, deployed far away, suddenly appearing and enveloping his child in his arms. The best present a kid could get for Christmas - their Daddy!

Each year, the place I work holds a family-friendly Christmas celebration. It's always fun, but last year's was a little different. We found ourselves in an old barn. The cows and chickens were replaced by Christmas trees and lights - but it was still pretty chilly in there.

The Rotor. This big revolving cylinder ride at our local amusement part. It started spinning...the floor disappeared...I was pretty sure I was going to die. I didn't. Because when things are spinning fast, you get thrown to the outside.

Okay - 18 family members, exchanging and opening gifts in our living room. Crazy!

But in the midst of the circus, there was grandma, sitting on the floor with one overwhelmed grandson - quietly helping him with his new toy. She was the one quiet place in his storm.

If my wife could change one thing about Christmas it would probably be my ugly Christmas sweaters. They're tucked back in my closet and get pulled out each December. These are usually out of sight and I think my wife likes it that way.

Christmas is like sunrise! When I read that in the Bible, I said, "All right!" Because I love to see the night slowly but surely give way to that rising sun.

No Christmas season is complete without taking my kids through the toy section at our local store. As we look, the excitement builds...and so do the lists. They will often simply say, "Can I put that on my Christmas list?." They're just letting their daddy know what they'd like.



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