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Every Christmas, our family amazes me. They are so good at giving a gift that the "givee" really needs or loves. You can tell that when they open them.

Christmas began with the giving of a gift. The Bible says, "He did not spare His Son, but gave Him up for us all" (Romans 8:32). God showed how much He loves you by how much He was willing to spend on you - on that cross. Dying for your sin so you wouldn't have to.

And so He could offer you today the gift that will last forever. The Bible says, "The gift of God is eternal life" (Romans 6:23).

Two things about a gift. You don't pay for it - someone else did. You can't possibly be good enough to pay for your sin and go to heaven. So Jesus did. And, you have to take a gift for it to be yours.

That's what I urge you to do today - reach out and take the gift He paid for with His life. Tell Him, "Jesus, I'm Yours." And text us at 888-NEED-HIM or Don't miss the gift that cost Him so much.



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