By Ron Hutchcraft

It was right after my wife's emergency open heart surgery, just days before Christmas. There were tubes everywhere and no trace of Christmas in that room. Until I got a tiny ceramic manger to put on her tray table: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and one little word just under the star - HOPE. Pretty appropriate, because hope is why Jesus came, to give us what we could never have any other way. The hope of having every sin forgiven, of knowing you have a love you'll never lose, and heaven on the other side.

But that hope came at an unthinkable cost. God's Son dying on a cross paying for our every sin, but then rising from the dead to give us life. The Bible says, "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."

My wife recovered from that surgery, but one May day she was suddenly gone, and my heart was broken. But the hope held firm. It's a hope you could have this Christmas. Just contact us at 888-NEED-HIM or

When Jesus comes, hope begins.

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By Brad Hutchcraft

Years ago my brother and I were able to get one of our favorite Yankees to sign a hat for us. It's a fun story that involves some detective work, taking risks, and two very large security men. Each year the current keeper of the hat gives it to the other as we share this gift.

As we count down to Christmas, what a great time to remember that it's all about a shared gift. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ came into this world as a baby. He grew up, died on a cross, and rose again. Why? He did it to share the gift only He can give - eternal life.

And trust me, we all need this gift. The Bible says that "we all have sinned and fallen short of God's standard." But God loves us. Loves you so much that "He gave His one and only Son" and He promises that if you believe in Him, you have eternal life. That is real love!

Don't miss out on the greatest gift you could ever receive. Connect with us today at 888-NEED-HIM or and learn how you can celebrate this Christmas with Jesus in your heart.

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By Doug Hutchcraft

So our family has a silly but fun tradition. We've told our kids there's a special "elf" assigned to our family and he keeps a close eye on children's attitudes to help determine what they'll be getting for Christmas. Oh, man, it's amazing how obedient and cooperative the kids become when we mention our "elf."

I think sometimes we think that's actually how we'll get to heaven. We think if we do enough good things God will keep score and let us in. The problem is, He said in His book that there's actually no amount of good things we can do that will earn us entrance into heaven. It's all about being forgiven by God for running our lives our way. And being forgiven by Him actually comes down to a gift.

In His book God says "the cost of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus." Now, just like any gift, if you want it you have to receive it. And you do that by acknowledging to God that you believe He made a way for you to be forgiven through His Son, Jesus, dying in your place.

Why not find out more by calling us at 888-NEED-HIM or

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By Lisa Hutchcraft Whitmer

Unpacking Christmas decorations, I found one incomplete nativity after another. One was missing Mary, another no Joseph, lost wise men and shepherds, even baby Jesus missing. I realized all the leftover misfits and outcasts needed to be together. Looks unusual, but I thought how this is the most accurate nativity. Because no matter our background, ethnicity, gender, social status, back account, what we've done or what someone has done to us, everyone is welcome with Jesus.

Feel like you don't fit in? Jesus welcomes you and anyone who seeks Him. And one day, instead of a nativity, there will be a great multitude from all peoples standing before Jesus' throne. Those who choose to switch from doing life their own way and who begin a relationship with Him.

Want that relationship with Jesus? Call 888-NEED-HIM or You belong in the everyone nativity.

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By Ron Hutchcraft

Our grandson was born shortly before Christmas. With a seriously damaged heart. No "merry" Christmas. But then that skilled surgeon did things that changed everything. And Christmas was amazing!

Maybe you're doing this Christmas season with some heart damage of your own. Because of what - or who - you've lost. I know about that. This will be my fifth Christmas without my wife, the love of my life.

But there's hope and healing that begin with a promise from the Bible. It says, "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted" (Psalm 34:18).

A broken heart's an open heart. It's wide open. And if you invite Jesus into that broken heart, He will bring His unloseable love, His meaning for your pain, His comforting presence. His hope for the future.

He loves you so much He died on a cross for your sin so you could have a relationship with Him. And that starts when you open up to Him as your Savior from your sin. Which could be today.

Would you contact us at 888-NEED-HIM or And let the healing begin.

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By Ron Hutchcraft

Not even Santa can bring us computer chips for Christmas this year. There's a worldwide shortage. That's why you may be missing that phone or appliance or laptop or gaming system you were hoping to give or get. It takes computer chips to run a lot of things we need or want!

When you're missing an essential ingredient, things just don't work. Including your life! We need love we can count on ... a purpose to live for ... a hope we can't lose. Why are those so hard to find?

Because we're missing the one piece that makes life work. The Bible says, "All things were created by Him and for Him" (Colossians 1:16). God created us for a relationship with Him. Which is missing because we've ignored Him to live for ourselves.

Then came Christmas and Jesus, who died on the cross and rose from the dead to remove the wall between us and God so life can work!

And He's within your reach today. Contact us at 888-NEED-HIM or

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By Brad Hutchcraft

It seems that every holiday season brings us a new Christmas movie. But let's face it, there's just something special about the classics, whether it's George Bailey running down the streets of Bedford Falls, or the Grinch hearing the singing from Whoville. Those are some heartwarming moments.

But in reality, you might be feeling more like Charlie Brown did when he said, "Christmas is coming, but I don't feel the way I'm supposed to feel." Oh, but then comes Linus, who reminds us for the reason we can have great joy. "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord." When we realize that the heartbeat of Christmas is found in that baby in a manger it changes everything!

Jesus' journey took Him from the manger to the cross, where He died for you. The Bible says "we all have sinned" (or run our lives our way instead of God's) and we need a rescuer. Good news! "To you is born a Savior." Don't let another Christmas go without Jesus.

Connect with us at 888-NEED-HIM or It's time to invite Jesus in.

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By Lisa Hutchcraft Whitmer

Opening Christmas decorations and finding a treasured chipped or broken ornament is not our favorite moment. We'd much rather focus on all the fun, food and festivities. Loss and uncertainty have left us feeling like that ornament: the broken finances, shattered dream, unwanted medical diagnosis, lost job or career, broken relationship, or the painful loss of loved ones and friends.

An invisible virus has sure revealed a lot of chips and broken. Ultimately, something called "sin" has left us chipped and broken. But what hope! Because Jesus heals the chipped and broken places. The Bible says, "God in His great mercy has given us a living hope through Jesus Christ." Even in the midst of broken we can reach out for that hope this Christmas.

Want to know more about this hope? Call 888-NEED-HIM or

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By Doug Hutchcraft

Our country is facing a problem this holiday season. The delivery system of the things that typically reside on store shelves is all clogged up. Even things like groceries are hard to get. Shoppers are worried that they'll be separated from what they really need this Christmas.

I wonder if that might describe you? You look okay on the outside, but on the inside there's this soul ache thing that there's got to be more than this. Well, there is! God's book says our sins have separated us from Him and keep us from experiencing true life.

But God has made a way to get right with Him. To actually be part of His family. The whole point of Christmas is God's son, Jesus, becoming one of us and paying for our sin by dying on a cross and coming back to life so that through Him we can receive the gift of eternal life.

You can find out more by calling 888-NEED-HIM or by visiting and find the awesome gift that God is ready to give you.

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By Doug Hutchcraft

Every year our family has a blast putting up our Christmas tree. Who doesn't love taking out the ornaments and remembering what each represents from different times in our lives. Most represent a good time. But some are reminders of challenging times. Lots of us have things around the holidays that trigger feelings that aren't warm and cuddly, but rather reminder of pain from our past.

You know, part of Christmas is that God came to earth as one of us to experience what we do. That God, Jesus, experienced the loss of friends. He experienced betrayal; being falsely accused, and shedding tears. The Bible says that "Jesus understands because He faced all the same testings we do yet He did not sin."

And because He didn't sin, He could be the sinless sacrifice. He died in our place so we can be forgiven by God. His book also says that because He came back to life and conquered death, He can also help you conquer the pain of your past.

But why not hear more by connecting with us at 888-Need-Him or

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