By Doug Hutchcraft

Every year our family has a blast putting up our Christmas tree. Who doesn't love taking out the ornaments and remembering what each represents from different times in our lives. Most represent a good time. But some are reminders of challenging times. Lots of us have things around the holidays that trigger feelings that aren't warm and cuddly, but rather reminder of pain from our past.

You know, part of Christmas is that God came to earth as one of us to experience what we do. That God, Jesus, experienced the loss of friends. He experienced betrayal; being falsely accused, and shedding tears. The Bible says that "Jesus understands because He faced all the same testings we do yet He did not sin."

And because He didn't sin, He could be the sinless sacrifice. He died in our place so we can be forgiven by God. His book also says that because He came back to life and conquered death, He can also help you conquer the pain of your past.

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