Young Billy Graham wanted to be a baseball player. Instead, he became a messenger of Jesus' love. And he never took his eye off the ball.

Whatever the headlines, whatever the politics, whomever the audience, Billy Graham was unwaveringly about one thing - Jesus and His Cross. No detours. No baggage. No "religion." Just Jesus.

Not just the Jesus he preached. But the Jesus he lived.

Rescue by Radio Global Partnership, Trans World Radio and RHM

by Rick Whitmer

A Chinese mom and dad had a baby girl they could not keep.

If caught, the Chinese government would impose harsh penalties for violating their one-child policy. So the parents did the only thing they knew to do: leave the baby on a very public street, and hope for the best.

By Ron Hutchcraft

Tricia had decided to die.

Living in constant fear of her violent father, believing his constant yelling that she was worthless. Eventually bleeding out her pain through cutting wasn't enough.

So another beautiful Indian girl was planning her suicide. Someone invited her to an On Eagles' Wings® event in a nearby reservation village. There she heard a Hope Story – shared by an abused young woman who came to Jesus the night she had the gun to her head.

And Tricia gave her heart to Jesus that night – just before she was going to end her life.

Fast forward three years. To a reservation thousands of miles from Tricia's home. Where she was sharing her story as part of this summer's On Eagles' Wings outreach.

By Brad Hutchcraft

“…and then someone invited me to this conference called WLS…”

I’ve heard it again and again as the young warriors of On Eagles’ Wings® share their Hope Stories on reservation basketball courts.

Shari (Navajo) the girl whose family pain was so great she “could not live without being high all the time.” Until Warrior Leadership Summit. Three years ago, she met Jesus there. She’s never been the same. Shari just graduated from Bible college, and now helps lead the youth ministry where she was invited to come to the conference that changed her life.

Editor’s note: This is Tyona’s story in her words, as shared from a reservation basketball court, during the On Eagles’ Wings® Summer of Hope.

Hi, my name is Ty. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. 

I grew up in a Christian home with both my mom and dad. But with that, I was still feeling lost, confused and scared.

My dad was an alcoholic and abusive father. It was really hard, because my siblings and I all experienced that abuse.

Sharing Jesus with lost people you know

Lisa “thinks lost.”

Lisa is constantly aware of people in her world who are spiritually lost, who have yet to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a wife and mom of three teenagers, Lisa lives her life to sacrificially love others, and share the hope of Jesus in a way that is creative, winsome, and compelling.




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