Sharing Jesus with lost people you know

Lisa “thinks lost.”

Lisa is constantly aware of people in her world who are spiritually lost, who have yet to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a wife and mom of three teenagers, Lisa lives her life to sacrificially love others, and share the hope of Jesus in a way that is creative, winsome, and compelling.

How does Lisa do this? She says, “It starts with a broken heart. I regularly ask God to break my heart, and to see lost people the way he sees lost people – as someone in need of a rescuer.”

As an ambassador for Christ, Lisa describes the people in her world where she lives. “I genuinely seek to reach out to those in my worlds, folks I see at Walmart, and the many people I know through our local high school where my kids attend. I want teachers, administrators, parents, and even students to know I care about them, and ultimately, that Jesus cares about them.”

Representing Jesus is a lifestyle. It is a commitment to connecting with the hearts of people who don’t know Jesus. Lisa continues, “I like to find little ways to show appreciation, to let them know I genuinely care, through conversation in person, text, or on social media. On social media, I am constantly thinking about how my lost friends will respond to what I share. For me, this is an incredible tool to authentically live out my faith in front of others.”

These relationships have opened up countless conversations.

Finally, Lisa also enjoys showing love by giving special gifts. She explains, “Honestly, it isn’t that expensive. Sometimes I’ll make brownies. Other times I may deliver a coffee or soda. I want the lost people in my world to know someone who loves Jesus cares about them.”

And many times, with those gifts, Lisa will share a tract from Hutchcraft Ministries. “I feel it is very important to share a clear presentation of the Gospel. I don’t want to just ‘show’ people Jesus with my life. I want to also ‘tell’ them about what He did on the cross for them.”

Lisa uses Hutchcraft Ministries' “Born to Rescue” tract at Christmas time. “Christmas is a great time to show appreciation. Every year, we buy poinsettias on sale the day after Thanksgiving. These make great gifts, along with the Hutchcraft Ministries Christmas Gospel booklet, ‘Born to Rescue.’ I love how the booklet shares the true meaning of Christmas.”

Lisa has a similar approach to using the Hutchcraft Ministries Easter booklet, “72 Hours that Rocked the World,” and the Gospel tract, “Yours for Life.”

Lisa concludes, “I am passionate about sharing Jesus with others. These booklets and tracts do a great job of communicating the Good News in an easy-to-understand way. I believe anybody can do this!”



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