A city I visited missed the hurricane that hit the South, but we did get two days of the wet weather leftovers. We had drenching rain. Compared to the hurricane we had it easy, but the rain really soaked us.

One morning while it was pouring, I drove by a bank and saw something that made me laugh. The sprinklers came on right on schedule. They were doing a beautiful job of watering the lawn, which really didn't need any more water.

In 2 Kings 7 in the Bible, the capital city of Samaria is under siege and the Syrian army has cut off all food. The people in that city were starving to death. Conditions were desperate, with people resorting to cannibalism to stay alive.

Four lepers who lived outside the city decided that since they were already going to die, they would surrender to the other army. They hoped that maybe they would be taken as prisoners of war and be fed. When they got there, God had performed a miracle. The camp had been emptied out, so they found food and empty tents left there. They stuffed themselves all night.

In 2 Kings 7:9 it says, "They said to each other, 'We're not doing right. This is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves. If we wait until daylight, punishment will overtake us. Let's go at once and report this.'" These four men were sitting on this pile of food while multitudes were starving.

A Christian from the former Soviet Union once said, "The problem with American Christians is, you are overfeeded." He's right. We are very blessed. We are soaked with blessings that no Christians have ever had before.

We have Christian everything - radio, TV, rallies, conferences, trips, concerts, and seminars. It's almost all for us. We are already stuffed, but we line up for another helping of blessing. We are already soaked, but we turn on the sprinklers for more showers of blessing.

Something is wrong here. Don't forget where your Master's heart is. He said, "I have come to seek and to save what was lost." ( Luke 19:10) He talks about a harvest where "the harvest is plentiful," but He can't find laborers to go get it ( Matthew 9:37). A self-focused church, a self-focused Christian, is not the will of God.

You follow a Savior who left the safety of heaven, who lived among the lost, and who laid down His life to bring you home to God. It doesn't make Him happy when you focus everything on going to your Christian meetings, committees, and conferences; listening to your Christian speakers and songs; or staying busy with your Christian schedules, while the spiritually destitute are starving to death.

Your Master wants you to live your life to rescue the lost people He gave His life for. Plenty of people you know get no spiritual rain. Don't focus on the already soaked; take spiritual rain to the places where it never rains.



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