We seek to help you explore the various and creative ways you can use your resources to support our ministry and to build God's Kingdom. Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. has entered into a partnership with another Christian ministry for the purposes of accepting "non-cash" gifts.


Our new partner is The National Christian Foundation (TNCF). They provide a high level of expertise and legal assistance. TNCF has a better network of agents and buyers, and based on their volume they can obtain better rates than we could by selling occasional non-cash assets. It is more cost effective for Ron Hutchcraft Ministries to partner with a Christian organization that already has such a high level of expertise. In this partnership, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries has set up a foundation called Ron Hutchcraft Ministries Foundation (RHMF).

RHMF is designed to accept non-cash gifts on behalf of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries. Today, over 90% of the wealth in the world is tied up in non-cash assets. Non-cash assets are often overlooked when considering financial support. All proceeds to the RHMF will be used for the ministry purposes of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc.

Your non-cash gift to the RHMF does not have to be a large gift. Through TNCF, we can accept any size gift as long as it has a resale value.

For example, in addition to cash donations, the ministry fund can facilitate gifts including:

  • Personal Property
  • Antiques, Collectibles
  • Business Inventory
  • Real Estate
  • LLC Interest
  • Estate Gifts

The Ron Hutchcraft Ministries Foundation can also help you meet your charitable giving objectives through one of the following:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Donor Advised Funds

For stock donations, please call Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. and ask for Valerie at 877-741-1200.

If you have any questions about non-cash gifts, please contact the TNCF at 800-681-6223 or contact Ron Hutchcraft Ministries at 877-741-1200.



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