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By Doug Hutchcraft

Every year I face the most daunting of challenges: getting to our Christmas decorations in the garage. It seems every year that thing becomes more cluttered. I can't take a step without stepping on an old tool, toy or box. It becomes near impossible to get to what I need!

Could that be you this season? The clutter of life keeping you away from what you need most: a relationship with the One who made you. Whether you know Jesus or not, He's asking you to come close. But your busy-ness, your fatigue, some emotional burden has you distracted, keeping you away from Him.

That's a big problem because according to God's book, your sin has separated you from God. The whole point of Christmas is that God came down and became one of us so He could pay the death penalty we owe Him for running our life our way instead of His. And then have the gift of eternal life with Him!

If you'd like that life for yourself, contact us at 888-NEED-HIM or - don't go another Christmas without life's most important relationship.



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