By Lisa Hutchcraft Whitmer

Those pretty wrapped presents under the tree - waiting to be opened! What excitement! Until the paper is ripped off, there's no way to know what's inside.

Some gifts are hoped for... some funny... some nostalgic...

But what if we opened our gift, and found muddy, beat-up old shoes... or messy, used cleaning rags... or dishes with dried-on food... or broken, beyond repair jewelry.

That's no gift at all. It's junk. Broken. Dirty.

Yet the "giver of every good gift" - God - never gives junk. He offers a relationship with Himself through His Son, Jesus - who came at Christmas, to die for you and me on a cross one day.

He gives us all the things our hearts long for - Life. Hope. Peace. Joy. Comfort.

Want to unwrap this best gift ever? Call 1-888-NEED HIM, or visit

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