By Doug Hutchcraft

I just saw a trailer for yet another Hollywood movie sequel! This one is for a classic Christmas movie. And it looks like...well, the original movie! Just with the actors about 40 years older - and with a lot of grown-up problems.

Christmas feels magical when we're kids. But then the years, the pressures start piling up and that feeling turns into something...well, darker. And while Christmas may magnify that feeling, if we're honest it's something we feel most of the days of our lives.

But that's what makes what happened the first Christmas so special! God's Book says His Son, Jesus, became fully human to experience what we go through...and eventually die in our place, as a sacrifice for running our life our way...what God calls sin.

When we accept the gift of this sacrifice, Jesus Himself says we become a "new creation...the old is gone, the new has come!" Imagine...a new you!

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