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By Ron Hutchcraft

Poor Ebenezer Scrooge. What a miserable Christmas Eve! Trying to sleep, with three ghosts showing up to haunt you. Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

There's one of those we all know all too well. The Ghost of Christmas past. Our past continues to haunt us, not as a ghost, but in memories we wish we could forget. The brokenness. The people we've hurt. The regrets. The things we've done that we thought we'd never do. The dark stuff we've hidden.

But that past does not have to follow you into your future. Because Jesus came. When He was born, angels announced, "A Savior has been born to you" (Luke 2:11). A rescuer. Who came, the Bible says, "to save His people form their sins" (Matthew 1:21).

As Jesus was laying down His life on the cross to pay for our sins against God He said, "Father, forgive them." That's what He wants to do with every sin of your life - forgive it. Erase it from God's book forever. Give you a new beginning.

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