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By Ron Hutchcraft

Poor Ed! He played the angel in our college's city wide Christmas program. The shepherds were huddled on stage with mass choir were singing "while shepherds watched their flocks by night." Angel Ed stepped out on a platform above them to announce Jesus birth. He got as far as "Fear not!" and fell on the shepherds below. Well no one hurt but an important message delivered.

When an angel appears in the Christmas story, they always start with those two words, "fear not." Because when Jesus comes you don't have to be afraid anymore! Of God, of the future, of ever being alone again, of facing God's judgment someday, or of what happens after you die because Jesus paid for your sin when He died on the Cross. He rose from the dead and can guarantee you Heaven.

He said "I will never leave you" and nothing will ever separate you from His love. And that's the relationship He offers if you'll receive it. If that's what you want, would you contact us at 888-NEED-HIM or

With Jesus, you are forever safe.



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